Sunday, 29 July 2012

Bake For Sandys - Season 1

First off, I'm hoping there are many more seasons of this. :-) Absolutely brilliant - Kudos to KP Balakumar and the bakers and of course, Sandesh Reddy for playing a big role in this. And no, the results are not available until tomorrow morning. So hold your breath and read on.. Sigh...

Update: In all the enthu to put up this post, I forgot to mention a few things. First, this event is mainly to provide a platform for the home bakers to work with professionals like Sandy. The winning baker(s) will supply desserts to Sandys for a whole month. Secondly, this will be a monthly event, conducted in association with Home Bakers Guild and undeniably the best platform for the home bakers to make it big. 

The event was scheduled for 330 pm this evening. The little room next to the cafe was all set - 1 table for setting up the cakes, one for the judges. Sangeetha was the first one to arrive, the kids having been packed off with hubby dear to watch Madagascar.(I hope your son didn't cry ;-) and I was pleasantly surprised to know that Sangeetha's husband and I have a common friend, whom both of us know for more than 10 years now).

Sangeetha was followed by AnushaPrerna, Divya and Shivangi. They started setting up their goodies and my eyes just popped out. God - what an array of delectable cakes !

Psst: Divya is a professional saree designer; she sources the sarees from Kerala and Kanjeevaram and designs them. And Shivangi's cup cake tray was designed by her. She used the vaccum cleaner rod and foam to set up the shelf. Awesome creativity. 

The judges sent all of us out and we all piled up at Sandy's Cafe next door. RoseAnne dropped by with her little one Hannah, who slept most of the time, and then was grumpy because mommy woke her up. Boy, wasn't she all smiles after the event looking at the cakes and bakes that were lined up ;-) Sangeetha and I were talking, and as we talked we got closer to the counter. OK Stop. Yes, we stopped talking, and started staring at the cakes lined up and were super tempted to order something. The guys at the counter were of no help in easing our temptation; Instead they only helped us gain pounds. Finally we ordered the hot dark chocolate (and yes, it was on the house - which I didn't know until much later. I forgot to pay up, and ran back inside and the guy very sweetly smiled and said - ma'am it's on the house!).

As we were sipping the hot chocolate, I got into a very enlightening discussion with Anusha (no, I'm not telling what it is ;-) - girl - we need to talk more I say - I still want to know the how and why :-P) and later Meghana & Sangeetha joined us outside. We talked about this and that, cakes, events and life in general. There was a lot of discussion involving the little ones and how they order their moms around. Oh yes, RoseAnne told us her son told her to stop Facebooking. How's that? And Sangeetha's son has broken almost everything at home, except the television. He's careful not to touch the hot oven though! Smart kid!

Linu Paul - you were sorely missed.

Each baker was called inside, one by one, to explain what ingredients had gone into their cakes and the pricing points. It was like a Viva Voce in school / college, where the rest of the students gather around the one who just got back from the lab to ask "what did they ask you?" ;-)

Finally, as the event ended, we all went back inside to eat what the bakers had brought, along with what Sandy's team had setup. Quiches, Antipasti sandwich, hummus, pita and falafel!

And this is how every Sunday should end - on a high, happy note!

Here's a list of what each baker brought:

Anusha Kaushik 
Caramello Paradise
Fudge Off
Bitter truth Tart

Divya Ninan:
Choco Truffle Tart
Lemon Blueberry Yoghurt Cake

Meghana Karthik  (all eggless)
Truffle trifle  (it's 3 layers of truffle (dark chocolate + milk chocolate + white chocolate) on a brownie base topped with coffee and chocolate! - Meghana is looking for a more fancy name for this. So if any of you have any ideas, please feel free to PM her.)
Oreo cheesecake
Chocolate cake with Chocolate and Caramel Ganache!

Her famous rum balls
Lemon and Blueberry Tarts
Blueberry Cheesecake

Sangeetha Potty
White Chocolate Yoghurt Tart
Cheese cake
Ferraro Rocher Cake

Shivangi Daga (all eggless)
After 8 
Salted caramel tart (there was a variation with praline too)
Ganache Brownie
Zesty Lemon Cup cake
Vanilla Choco-lava
Peppermint Popsicle

Sunanditha Gr
Vanilla custard cupcakes
Chocolate Malt cupcakes
Chocolate Ganache Tart with strawberry Coulie
Lemon Curd Tart
Strawberry Cheese cakes

And now for the photographs, in no particular order! Have fun ladies (and gentlemen) :-)


  1. It's awesome that such initiatives are taken! :)

  2. This is super fun...i love baking and I hope to be a part of the next season :)


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