Thursday, 26 July 2012

Amadora - A Gift of Love

So yes, after a hearty meal at Crimson, someone suddenly yelled ice-cream. We were stuffed so much that we couldn't even get off our seats but the mere word ice-cream and the word that followed "Amadora" made us all grin. We slowly pushed ourselves up (from the chair) and down (the stairs).

Amadora is located in the quaint quiet Wallace Garden, 3rd Street, Off KNK Road. Maaria was already drooling at the thought of the PB&J ice-cream. We walked the little walk and found ourselves staring at the myriad display of ice-creams. Rich flavors, different themes and then my favorite tables. Shaped in the form of a jigsaw puzzle, you can just stuff yourself in the gap and not fall off ;-)

Deepak Suresh, owner of Amadora, greeted us all. He scooped a bit of the flavor that we wanted to taste in little pink colored sticks and we lined up to collect them from him - nothing short of kindergarten kids, if you will.

I so wanted the waffle cone and was pleasantly surprised that Amadora had them. Deepak was tempting me into getting one but I knew I had to share (for the first and last time ever - I ain't sharing this delicious thing anymore) my ice-cream with the rest of the folks, so decided to cup-i-fy the saffron ice cream with slivered almonds. I don't remember who ordered what - but these were some of the flavors that I'd tasted - PB&J (peanut butter and jelly), Saffron with slivered almonds, Mami's filter kaapi, caramelized white chocolate (I simply loved this one).

If you are looking for some amazing flavors, and if you love a quaint little place, then Amadora it is, for you. And no, I don't have pictures for this one as well. Check out their FB page and drool all you want.

And yes, I am going back there for more! :-D

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