Thursday, 2 August 2012

Adoniya - Rich and Unique

What better way than retail therapy when you are stressed and sick. And where better to do it than at Adoniya. Added bonus was the sale of exclusive Pakistani suits by Sequence at Adoniya.

Uma and I raided Adoniya this afternoon to pick up some suits from Rashida (Sequence). I also wanted Maaria to do the stitching for me, which unfortunately has to wait until next week because I forgot to carry a sample suit.  But then, forgetting the sample suit, also means one more trip to Adoniya. Maaria - Here I come :-D

So why is shopping figuring in my food blog? This is why - the amazingly tantalizing red velvet cup cake with cheese icing and the cold refreshing lemon soda (with the perfect blend of mint).

This is how the plate looked after I devoured the cup cake. I so wish I could have scraped off the bits. Sigh ! 

And this is the suit I bought :-) (Image courtesy - Sequence) Ladies - Sequence has some awesome suits, rush to Adoniya to get yours!


  1. nice blog Deepa - vividly captures the details of the enticing cake n even more enticing suit!!

  2. Well, i know from personal experience that the red velvet cupcakes are fantastic , may be will now ask Anu to checkout the clothes as well , is a killer combination for shopping - good clothes and good food


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