Friday, 20 July 2012

Meet the Bakers - Vaishnavi Reddy

A full time mommy to two pretty girls - today we meet Vaishnavi Reddy.


D: Where do you showcase all your stuff? Is there a page or website?
VR: I don't showcase my stuff anywhere..I've just started taking a few orders and we'll see where that takes me...

D: How long have you been baking for? Have you had formal training?
VR: I have been baking for a little over a year now( started May of last year to be precise). I've never really had formal training as such..pretty much learnt baking on my own through books and Internet blogs:)

D: What is your specialty?
VR: Well, I specialise in cupcakes, cookies and bar desserts..(OK.. bar desserts ! :-) nicee ! )

D: How do you think, as a home baker - this showcase and HBG is helping you?
VR: HBG and the showcase has definately given me and the other bakers a fantastic platform to display our array of delicious desserts and a host of other stuff...Thank you Bala and Nanditha,once again :)

D: Do you have some future plans in baking? like may be opening a store? 
VR: I would love to open a little bakery in the future but as of now I plan to bake only from home..

D: What do you plan to bring to the showcase?
VR: I'm planning on bringing my cupcakes , cookies ,pecan bars & oatmeal fudge bars to name a few:))

Presenting the Sugar Goddess - Vaishnavi Reddy, who, if not a baker, would have been a fitness trainer ! (What a contrast ! :-) )

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