Saturday, 19 January 2013

Adyar-Tiruvanmiyur Food Walk - Epic!

After the Mylapore Food Walk last week, I was quite eager for the next edition - Adyar-Tiruvanmiyur. An impressive lunch at a friend's place left me thinking if I'd ever be able to eat anything at this food walk. Fortunately, the long walk ensured that I didn't have to worry too much and I was careful to not eat everything that I saw. I had miniscule portions and my intention was to interact with the people who turned up.

Stop 1: Thirumala cutlet stall - right next to Adyar Bakery on Sardar Patel Road. (Lifestyle, Shakes and Creams). For a group of 24, 15 cutlets, 300 gm pakoda and about 10 bajjis - the bill totalled to 199. The cutlets were soft on the inside, and crunchy on the outside, the pakoda fresh and crisp. 

Stop 2: Coronet Juice Center - right at the corner. The Sharjah milk shake is supposed to be killer here - with frozen milk, dates and bananas - it's supposed to cause a momentary brain freeze. I quite didn't like the taste of this or the strawberry flavored one but the falooda was excellent with fresh fruits and mild sweetness. Cost about 480 for a group of 24 - with about 4 sharjah shakes, a couple of faloodas and 2 strawberry shakes.

Stop 3: This entailed a long round about walk to the Adyar Telephone Exchange - via Ramkay agencies. Sri Lakshmi Sagar Hotel. This place is quite old and one of the places that let patrons dunk their idlis in a sea of sambar and eat with much relish. For our table, 4 plates of idli sambar and 2 coffees - Rs 120.

From there, it was an adventure of sorts as 11 of us suddenly decided to hop into a 47A that stopped at the signal and head to Tiruvanmiyur while the rest of them broke their heads on how to reach there! :P

Stop 4: Sri Krishna Tiffin Center at the end of Chitrakulam Street, Near Marundeeswarar Temple. This place is famous for their vadai and getti chutney (thick coconut chutney). And they were surprised to see a bunch of girls and guys walking in with huge cameras and appetites. Food started flowing in. Parottas, set dosais + vadacurry, vadai chutney, chapati kurma, podi dosai - burrppppp! This is by far the best eatery in all these years of my street food eating. The vada curry was top class and the parotta was super soft and required no side dish! An overall bill for god knows how many of all those mentioned above would have touched Rs 500.

Stop 5:  Juice Tree near Marundeeswarar Temple. The guys ordered some juice to refresh while some of us just stretched our legs. This has been an excellent day. I sampled some kiwi juice and an eight fruit zinger - I loved both! 

An overall average of INR 100 per person, on this lovely Food Walk. Don't miss it next time! 

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  1. Have been following the Adyar Street Food walk on CFG....very nice pics and reviews. Wish I Could take the next flight and get home. Hope you will do one in March please.
    -Adyarite, Living in London.

  2. That's a great review..very nice to see such walks being held to discover tempting food..:)..will follow on FB to be posted on the next one.

  3. Too bad. For someone who loves her idlis, vadais, dosais, sambhar and filter kaapi, these pictures are tooo much and that too when I'm away from all these delicacies. What a scrumptious spread! I am missing :( my south Indian fooood. And to top the angst, the dosai/idli batter doesn't sour here. I have to add yogurt to the batter.

    Glad to read of walks as these. Good luck on the forthcoming ones.

    Joy always,

    1. Dear Susan, I have had this problem for years, but doing the following has made batter ferment better & faster- If you air your batter well by beating it with warm hands for about 5-10 minutes and do not add salt until it gets fermented and leave the batter in a airtight container,near a radiator or warmest place. It will ferment faster, you wont need to add yogurt hopefully next time.

  4. Wow, very brilliant buildings. Quite inspiring! I think I'll be doing some more building building myself .

    Packers and Movers adyar


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