Sunday, 1 July 2012

5000 and going

This is not a food related post, but it has to go in here, for it's related to this blog. What started off as a hobby, became a passion and slowly is turning into an obsession.

I'd waited 5 years to start this blog; don't ask me why. Just never happened all that while, and I guess everything needs the right time to fall in place. To do something that I've always loved - food and writing - is a double whammy !

6 weeks of blogging and the response is brilliant. 5000+ hits, not just from India !

There are so many people behind this and I am trying to name them here !

First off, S - for your patience in reading whatever nonsense I write (and being my GP) and coming up with witty comments (halwa - sweet-aa kaaram-a? :P ) and encouraging me to do more! xoxo :-)

Team CFG - Ali and Nishanth - for having given me an opportunity to be a part of Diners Club, Showcase, and other CFG events !

Team HBG: Now this one - truly deserves a mention - KP Balakumar - Thank you for asking me to cover The Baker Showcase. You made me go the extra mile and I was just too happy doing it ! Proud to be your resident blogger :-) Thanks for waiting up last night to read the post. :) There have been many a sleepless night, having contacted bakers, posting write ups and interviews, (and then getting back to the day job in the morning) but I loved every minute of it.

Narayani: For having read my blogs and commenting on them religiously, always telling me I'll make it big, and having the faith !

Ranjini: For those words of encouragement whenever I was down ! For making me write more !

Aswin Rao: For being there at the event yesterday and being a big source of support and encouragement ! Honored ! (and for teaching me photography tips :) ) Your words did come true yesterday. Some soothsayer you are!

Tasneem Aunty: For your kind words, and only for that, I aim to do a better job with each post !

Dinesh - Page 4: Your words just took me off on a different tangent. I will call you soon.

Archana Kumar: For having tried stuff based on the blog !

All the bakers and their moms who congratulated me yesterday, Cheryl - who waited up to read the post, Aysha for your lovely words, I am touched !

All the other silent supporters who read and click "Like" wherever possible !

I am humbled and honored. This is taking my life in a different direction and I'm sure this is my true calling. (Subhatra - I still don't have the guts to do this full time for now, but some day I hope and I will surely call you that day to let you know that I have finally taken the path of my true calling )

I will be doing a celebration post soon and more thanks to follow in that ! :)

Cheers and Love !

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