Saturday, 28 July 2012

ID - Idlicious

A couple of my friends and I decided to see a movie this evening. The obvious choice of cinema was Satyam Cinemas. For some reason, this friend was badgering me to get the tickets for Maalai Pozhudin Mayakathile.  And, our fates were sealed inside Six Degrees. (Terribly mokka movie - don't venture anywhere near it. The songs aren't bad though)

But what made this worst-movie experience slightly better was ID. Their coffee is amazing. Perfect blend. Hot. In a nice white mug. Once S and I reached Satyam Cinemas super early for Prometheus; we spent time at ID sipping this mug of coffee (which was super divine, after having consumed some hot-water-turned-coffee at Karpagambal Mess).

I am a big fan of the Rava Idli at ID. By far, one of the best I've had. Served with 4 side dishes, this plate is priced at Rs 40. The idlis were soft and hot. The sambar was spicy and the mint chutney was perfect. I ended up eating the side dishes separately not just because I didn't want to waste it but also because they were yummy enough to be eaten on their own. 

Sadly, the lassi was a let down. It was sour and a little too sweet. Somehow, ID has never perfected this and it's not the first time that someone was dissatisfied with the lassi. 

ID will always remain a good choice for South Indian tiffin varieties, if you are anywhere around that area. Prompt, quick service and tasty food!


  1. I love the accompaniments... finish them off before the vada/dosa/pongal arrives.. not a big idli fan, so i stick to keerai vadai, or pongal :)

    Yes, kaapi is divine!

  2. I miss this for sure!Thanks Deepa for introducing me to this wonderful TamBhram eating outlet


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