Monday, 16 July 2012

Meet the Bakers - Ashwini Radhakrishnan

Meet child psychologist-and-student counselor-turned-baker, the Chennai-Bangalore chica - Ashwini Radhakrishnan. After helping people with their problems all day long, this pretty lady's therapy for herself was Baking. Getting detached from work and doing something completely different, is perhaps the best therapy. I have to agree. 


D: Having been in Chennai all along, what difference do you see between the 2 cities, in terms of the baking scene, ingredients, market?
AR: Well, I moved to Bangalore only a year ago and with the help of a friend I started gathering info about where I could pick up ingredients. Am still yet to explore a few more markets before I really give my opinion on this aspect.

My favorite place to shop for ingredients is still Waltax Rd, Chennai. They keep upgrading their selection and give you suggestions, which I feel is great.

From the little that I’ve seen, I feel there is not much of a difference in terms of availability of ingredients between the two cities.

D: Do you have a day job or is baking full time?
AR: This is more or less my full time job. I enjoy being a homemaker and baking being my hobby and passion has motivated me to pursue this commercially as well.

D: Do you have a FB page or a website where you showcase your goodies to the public? 
AR: I have not advertised as yet, but FB is definitely on the charts. 

D: How do you think, HBG and the showcase, will help the home baker in you?
AR: I believe the Home Bakers Guild is a good platform to promote home bakers like myself who are just starting off. In a new city it's definitely a huge catalyst to exchange ideas with other bakers and meeting prospective clients.

D: What's your theme for this showcase? What do you plan to bring to appease us sweet toothies?
AR: To be very honest I have not really worked on a theme. I love trying out new recipes and also challenge myself to create something new. So, guess you sweet toothies can definitely look forward to something different. Come see!!

When she's not baking, she does some sketching and also accompanies her husband, Conan Dumenil, on nature tours and camps. Conan's company aims at creating awareness on nature conservation.

(Psst: She first sent me a picture of herself and later decided to change it, because she wanted to be seen along with her cakes :P )


  1. AR's cakes will definetly be like her soft and attractive..... Its her inside beauty she positively brings out in her baking.... I can vouch for that any day....All the best ASH!!

  2. Really proud of you..way to go!

  3. Very happy and proud to be associated with you, Ash! Many more laurels on your way. Way to go, girl. Best wishes!!!

  4. Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u.

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