Sunday, 29 July 2012

Ara puli kozhambu - Typically Tambrahm

There was some yam left over from yesterday's fry and mom is over-enthu now to make ara puli kozhambu. Now, I have no clue why this is named such - it doesn't have half the amount of tamarind. In fact, this is half sambar and half vethakozhambu (hence perhaps - ara - puli kozhambu - wonder why they didn't term is as ara-sambar :-P)



Tamarind - 1 lemon size (Soaked and pureed)
Urad dal - 1 tsp
Tur dal - 2 tsp (soaked and boiled)
Vegetables - typically yam (senakizhangu), bitter gourd (pagarkai) or sundakkai.
Salt - to taste
Asafoetida - to sprinkle
Curry leaves
Sambar powder - your usual quantity
Red Chilli - 2 -3 (optional)
Coconut - 3 tsp (most important in ara puli kozhambu)
Gingelly oil - 1tbsp
mustard seeds - 1 tsp


1: Heat oil in a thick bottomed pan; temper mustard seeds, asafoetida and curry leaves.
2: Add urad dal, red chilli and saute until golden brown. 
3: Add the coconut and yam; Saute for a few minutes.
4. Add the sambar powder and roast until a rich dark brown. (Ensure it doesn't become black)
5. Pour the tamarind puree and add salt.
6. Add the boiled tur dal.
7. Let boil until thick. (I'd prefer to keep the stove in simmer, so I don't have to stand next to it all day)
8. If it's thin, add some rice flour mixed with water, to thicken the gravy!

Serve hot with rice and sutta appalam.


  1. Looks yum Deepa - I am wondering if this what folks at my place call thenga arucha kozhumbu,I may be wrong :) .. Keep cooking and writing !

    1. I think it's the same thing. A rose by any other name and all that ;-)

  2. this is close to kerala teyal recipie

  3. Its called Ara Puli Kuzhambu because it is arachu vitta puli Kuzhambu.


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