Thursday, 14 June 2012

The ழ Cafe - Special

When Nishanth asked me if I wanted to go to The Zha (ழ) cafe for a CFG Showcase, I was reluctant. My first experience, in their Adyar outlet, wasn't impressive. In fact, it was negative. But then, I thought, since this outlet is closer to work, might as well try it out. And I am glad I said yes.

OK, now people come on, say with me - ழ - roll your tongue and from the bottom of the throat, say ழ. No, not la. ழ. And not jha / za either ! Right, I give up.

Funny how English doesn't have this letter and we have to get to weird spellings to write this. And as unique as this letter is to Tamil, explains Arasi, is this restaurant. Arasi owns The ழ Cafe.

I had a very difficult day at work, and all I wanted to do was unwind. And this place let me exactly do that ! I wish the wi-fi had worked, so I could have sent out some emails urgently, but then, glad it didn't, else I wouldn't have enjoyed the evening.

The entire CFG gang was around and the fun began.

The specialty of this place is its ability to serve food starting from the local tea kadai menu to funky sandwiches and English dorai menu (consisting of toast , omelettes and the likes). And Arasi made sure we were served a bit of everything.

The evening began with some kadalai putting, er, eating peanuts and few other nuts and plate full of pori urundai, palli mittai, butter biscuit and some other goodies. Nishanth walked in so late, that I thought he'd get only the palli mittai ;-)

Mean time, Bharani started playing with the pallanguzhi (a traditional game), and the juices and vaazhapoo vadai started making the rounds. The juices were called Jalapula Jungs and Spoonlings (I have no clue why the name). The good thing about the vadai, bonda and bajji here is there was absolutely no oil sticking on to the fingers. I was handling the camera and eating at the same time and was surprised to see there were no oil marks on the camera.

The mint chutney was awesome. There were cheese balls, adai and vellam (jaggery) - S - you'd have loved the adai, it was super spicy, kaara aval, sweet aval, karupatti kaapi, panangalkandu paal, rose milk, adhirasam with banana (now, this one was innovative), veg kaati rolls, sundal sandwich, and most of all, my beloved MAGGI ! 

That said, I also loved the interiors here. They had the soppanasundari car of Karagattakaran fame, an auto, low seating, medium seating, high seating, a tree with a sombu and a vadivelu comedy track pinned up on the tree (kaiya pudichi izhuthiya).

Learnings for today:

a. Wheat = maida. :P - courtesy Sathish
b. Panangalkandu = sugar from the palm tree coming no, that getting converted to candy form, no ! ;-) courtesy  - Bharani
c. PG quit eating parotta and biriyani (oh wait, you still haven't decided on that one, no?) :P


Vaazhapoo Vadai

Inippu Aval

Risk.. er. Rusk ! 

Palm Sugar Candy Milk ;-)



Adirasam, with Banana drizzled with honey

Cheese filled what?

Veg Kaati Rolls

Kaara Adai + Vellam

Sundal Sandwich

Kaara Aval

Maggi Maggi Maggi

And finally the star attraction - Soppana Sundari Car ! :)

And Arasi has promised that next time we visit the Adyar Cafe, we'd have a better experience. So thank you and I am glad I made it ! S - please note this :)

And pic below is self explanatory ;-)


  1. Reading the blog & looking at the pictures am ready for my midnight snack mode :) I think i should start with something like this in Bangalore..What say?

    1. Of course babe, check out Bangalore Food Guide. :)

  2. Amazing Deeps..Bah, how many items did you get to eat :0 Total poramai only :)

    1. Anna - ella veg item um taste pannen... very nice, I say and dont put kannu man ! :P

  3. Damn that was fast... Yet again ;-) missed the review, looks like fun...

    1. Aarti - Missed you there ! I tell you - it was so much fun, sitting on the floor, well not literally, (except Bharani of course), felt like we were at someone's home and yapping away to glory ! :)

  4. wow nice review. Will have to visit this place

    1. Arvind - Yes should. But I still suggest the Porur outlet, it's bright and airy and had a nice feel to it ! Adyar sort of didn't go well with me, and will perhaps try again later some day !

  5. interesting , where exactly is this, quite a number of friends grumbling about lack of good options in and around that vicinity ... the menu as you describe it from tea kadai to English dorai is the tempting point for me...

    PS : you know what they say , tamizhukku (ழ) azhagu... from what i have known and read (not much on either count), there is phonetically no equivalent of (ழ) in any language.

    1. Kou - just after the Shell signal, take a left near Dominoes. 2nd building on the left, with the soppanasundari car jutting out :) First floor :) Have fun, if you ever come to the porur office !

  6. Looks like the Porur outlet is much spacious and better than the Adyar one. Inspite of that I have fond memories associated with the Adyar one. Wished you were there with us for the Meet.

    Joy always,


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