Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Meet the bakers - Part 13

I've heard of sweet nothings, but sweet something? Oh yes, it's there, right next to where I live and I didn't know about it. As they say, the best things are right before your eyes and you just don't notice it !

Meet Prerna Narula Raj of Sweet Something. She has just started to go pro; and going by what she has put up on her page, I think she's in the right direction.


D: What do you see for yourself in the home baking domain?
PNR: I've been baking for a while now but just for family. I have just started off professionally and there's a long way to go...and am sure people also are looking at exploring newer options rather than just going to the routine bakery next door type of thing!

D: What do you specialize in?
PNR: My strength is in cookies and my family loves my walnut brownies. I bake eggless and vegetarian!! My sugar free and vegan cookies are still in the trail phase and should be ready soon... I also do cookies in whole wheat instead of refined flour on request!!! (OK, I remember someone asking for vegan on HBG. You know where to head ! and whole wheat too ! Very cool)

D: What's your theme for this bake fest?
PNR: I don't have any specific theme for the showcase...just baking what my family loves to eat....and of course my husband's favourite Rum Balls!! (Yay Rum balls - so in love :-))

D: When did you first realize that this is your true calling?
PNR: I have been in to what my mom calls "Fancy cooking" ever since I was in school...loved to cook and bake stuff not on the regular menu....(the routine cooking gets boring after a while...especially deciding on menus day in and day out), knowing this my cousin who is also into baking used to give me tips whenever I visited her and I have learned a lot from her. Even though I was in an advertising agency then, I did know that finally food has to be my line of work...and once my little princess came along...I decided it was time to start!!! So professionally, just stepped into this vast and beautiful ocean of the Home Bakers

With the little one running around, Prerna has a tough time getting the goodies ready for the showcase. But, with the strong support of her husband, who's her official taster and critic, she's confident of whipping up some sinful delights.

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