Sunday, 1 July 2012

Meet the bakers - Chennai Chapter - Grand Finale

When an event leads up to this, with lots of expectation and one doesn't know what to expect, it's a weird thing, because.. hold on...  this line is crazy, I don't know what I am typing. The evening was undeniably one of brilliance, the coming together of people who we have never met before, yet brought about one of the best evenings ever ! The baker showcase was successful. While that is an understatement, I really can't find any more words to express. So let's just get on to how the event unfolded.

OK People - this event garnered close to 500 people, yes you read it right - Five Hundred !

I'd promised KP that I'd be there at 2 pm to help with the arrangements. We managed to tie the 5 by 4 banner outside Crimson Chakra. The guests were still dining inside the restaurant and we were twiddling our thumbs not knowing what to do ! Nikhil Moturi, the brilliant soul he is, said we could use the tables as and when they freed up, so we started setting up the bakers.

By 330, we'd set up all the bakers and were ready for our first customers. But hey, did I mention people started walking by at 245, asking me if the fest started yet ! I had to send them back and ask them to come back in 45 mins. I walked around and got a quick glimpse of what each one was setting up.

I managed to convince Kuki to keep my baklava muffins separately and picked up some goodies from RoseAnne before they sold out. I also managed some rum balls from Prerna. Rivka sweetheart - thank you so much for the corn and spinach pie and the chocolate brownie. Out of the world. Linu -  I got to lick and swipe the crumbs, loved it nonetheless :)  Rashmee - I had some of your stuff, but sorry I didn't know what it was, there was too much to eat and too many people to talk to !

Aysha - loved your quiet demeanor and Nanditha - how can I miss you - lavender cookies - yay, I was the first one to taste them :D

Anusha - I hope Shraddha is good now. :-) Naughty girl, wearing her mommy's name tag :D

The crowd went berserk carrying huge takeaways. Nikhil brainwave to actually setup some seating outside eased the pressure inside the restaurant. Lots of people were sitting outside, enjoying the cool breeze, gossiping munching on some chocolate-y goodies, meeting friends; there were hugs and laughter all around. Photo sessions, people quietly gorging on the muffins, hand shakes, smiles, the vibe was truly one of a carnival and festivity.

At 5 pm, when I went on my rounds, I  noticed most of them had sold out :) And as people walked in, I was worried they are going to return empty handed.

At 530 - everything was sold out. Not even crumbs remained. Crimson staff cleaned up the place real quick in time for dinner.

Aswin and I were waiting out, I was watching the droplets of rain and he, busy with client calls on a Saturday (DUH), and then, someone walked in ! Whoa - meeting someone from my school, class 6, after 22 years, at the Baker Showcase? This is the feather on the cap ! Prabha Dixit, So awesome meeting you, although too bad the event had sold out ! Perhaps next time, I'll keep you posted so you can drop by much earlier. We talked on for over 30 mins and I also had Aswin take a pic of us :)

As we went back for dinner inside, I couldn't stop myself from wondering - If this event is this successful, it was because of the efforts of some amazing people, who have put their heart and soul into this, especially KP. I am sure it has been exhausting but nonetheless, you saw the results of your hard work today ! You can take a bow ! :-)

KP - Truly honored to have worked with you on this. Nikhil - You proved yet again what a thorough gentleman you are. Sandesh Reddy - Thanks for your amazing support !

Watch out for this space, in a few days, for the event coverage of "Meet the bakers" - Bangalore Chapter.

Cheers and I will remember this for a long time to come !


  1. WOW! WOW! WOW! Great going girl! Waiting for more in this space! :D

    Cheers & God bless...!!

  2. A well written !!! Crisp and surely captured all the pics and truly if we look at these pics you could see that the items looked awesome and all the baked stuff is looking delicious. I surely missed half of it as I was around 4:50 ish but enjoyed the stuff. My 4 years kid relished the varity chocs with fruit and sport shapes....
    I got to know about this event because of 104.8 TBS with Rohan Sen and surely to me it's due to that and thanks a lot to Chennai Live 104.8 fm.

    1. Ravi, Thank you so much. Next time around you should drop by really early, I am sure the kids had a lot of fun ! Will pass on this message to the HBG team as well ! I am pasting your comment on the showcase page. Much appreciated.


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