Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Meet the Bakers - Lavanya Lakshmanan

An auditor during the week and a maniac baker during the weekends - Meet Lavanya Lakshmanan - juggling multiple things - and doing each of them absolutely brilliantly. Jack of all trades, master of none - doesn't fit her. Oh yeah - master of all trades she is !


D: Is there a page where you showcase your creations? an FB page or a website? 
LL: My creations are showcased on my FB profile alone. As I am an amateur baker, I am looking to widen my portfolio first before I give people a taste of what to look forward to from me.

D: When and how did you start baking?
LL: I took a break from work just before marriage. In between jobs, I tried my hand at various interests - right from candle making to gardening. It was then that I chanced upon an old oven belonging to my mother-in-law. This jump-started my interest in baking and the rest, as they say, is history. 

D: What do you specialize in?
LL: I've dabbled in a variety of cakes but I regard themed cupcakes and Cranberry Cookies as my forte.

D: I love the cranberry cookies & cinnamon rolls that you have posted. What do you think about baking being targeted mostly for cakes and sweets? What about savories?
LL: Thanks! And I'm sure you'd love to bite into them too :) I'm not a person who has too much of a sweet tooth and thus, my penchant for trying out cookies and savories. I also experiment on lots of diverse flavors while baking to cater to people with different taste preferences.

D: How do you think HBG and the showcase helps the home bakers?
LL: Meeting up with like minded bake-a-holics would aid in free exchange of ideas and mutual encouragement. As an amateur baker, the opportunity to showcase one's talents does wonders for your confidence. This platform provided by HBG and people like you would definitely help promote my as yet fledgling business and provide wings to reach great heights. (KP, Nanditha - please note this point your honor. Hats off to you guys. I, Deepa, on behalf of all the bakers, bow to thee :-) )

D. What's your theme for the baker showcase? What do you plan to bring?
LL: I intend to bring in a variety of food ranging from cinnamon rolls to tarts. Cupcakes, muffins and cookies would complete this eclectic ensemble. As you see, this does not adhere to any particular theme. I do intend to bring my A-game to the showcase and have something for everyone

Presenting Lavanya Lakshmanan, also a shutterbug and yoga practitioner. Signs off Lavanya, Photography was my first love, now replaced by baking. This tryst with baking has turned my lens away from street photography towards food photography.

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  1. aich!!! nice one! lovely pic too.. u look soo pretty :))


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