Sunday, 24 June 2012

Meet the bakers - Part 9

It's been a blog marathon for me and I've crossed 3000 hits in about 5 weeks. (OK enough of bragging now, back to the post ! ) Today, we'll be featuring Anusha Kaushik of Delicioso (pronounced deli-shee-osso). Poor girl, between her house shifting and missing her daughter's uniform (because of which the kid had happy days not going to school), she managed to email me ! Appreciate it Anusha, I know how painful shifting can be - having shifted 4 times in 4 years across states.


D: How long have you been baking for?
AK: say 12 yrs back! mentored initially by mom of course...I manage most things at home when I bake....I cook, manage my 3.5 yr old and bake...My mom gets summoned during emergencies of course (read - on days there's more than one cake going on!)...yes my mom does pitch in and bail me out on difficult days. otherwise pretty much on my own :) 

D: What's the most difficult cake that you've ever baked?
AK: I am big on theme cakes, the most challenging characters to bring out on a cake are - Ra One and the green lantern which I did more recently... (I personally loved the couple cuddling on a bed :P absolutely romantic)

D: Where do you source your ingredients?
AK: I source them locally, make most at home (cheese for example), equipment - get some imported..thanks to relatives who stay abroad :)

D: What's your theme for this fest?
AK: I didn't particularly have any, but coming to think of it I want incorporate fruit in all my maybe a fruity theme?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Anusha Kaushik.

I hope sanity has returned at home and look forward to seeing you on 30th :) (I hope you also found your daughter's uniform *wink wink*)

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