Saturday, 4 August 2012

Crimson Chakra + Home Bakers' Meet = Heaven

A gloomy Saturday and a full day power cut and yet am grinning ear to ear - All thanks to an amazing lunch at Crimson Chakra (yeah twice in 2 weeks now). A great initiative by KP, to get the bakers and enthusiasts meet offline and put faces to the names that we have all been interacting with only on Facebook. And of course, the Chennai Chapter partner, Nikhil Moturi for extending his support as always!

A big thanks to Ali and Nishanth for dropping by and inviting everyone for CFG's 8th anniversary on Sep 29th.

Some interesting conversations revolved around baking, fondants, gelatin and the proportion of ulundu to rice for Idli - Oh yes, I am not joking. Sangeetha says 1.5:7 for a wet grinder and 1.5:4 for mixie ;-) - Tip of the day :D :D

Too bad some of us were far apart and couldn't really catch up much. But then, good in a way that the veggies were seated in front of the table, so we got our food fresh and hot. (Ha! Effect of constant complaining to Nikhil ;-) ) And yay - the all time favorite - elaneer souffle - perfect way to end a meal, always and forever.

Absolutely loved every minute of the lunch - the food, the gossip, the chatter - a Saturday afternoon well spent. And here are the pics

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