Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Meet the bakers - Heena Awasthi

On today's feature, we meet someone who always likes to do it sweet, Heena Awasthi. (Interestingly, or should I say ironically, her page also features a recipe for garam masala ;-) ) Heena has been trying her hand at baking for about 5 years now. (This is perhaps the shortest blog ever, Heena answering my questions crisp and to the point :-))


D:  Do you retail yet? What are your future plans?
HA: No, not yet. But if opportunity comes I might like to give it try. As of now my hands are full with orders, baking & cooking classes.

D: How is HBG and the showcase helping you, as a home baker?
HA: I must start by thanking Bala for creating such a beautiful platform, where bakers and loads of amateur bakers share their work and queries. There is so much to learn on HBG. This showcase will surely provide us a larger audience and more visibilty.

D: What's your speciality?
HA: I specialize in egg-less bakes, mousse cakes, Fresh fruit Gateau, Chocolate based Tarts & Cakes and fondant toppers.

D: What's your theme for this showcase?
HA: I plan to bring some Ferrero Rocher Cake, assorted pack of tartlets. The rest is a surprise.

D: Where do you source your ingredients from?
HA: I source them from wholesalers in Delhi and Bangalore

Heena wishes to have her own garden kitchen some day, with all the fancy gadgets! (Let me know when you get that done, would so love to see that, knowing I can never have one of my own). She also wants to undergo professional training to add new dimensions to her skills. (Do we see a future Cordon Bleu student here?)

Good luck Heena and May all your dreams come true. See you at the showcase!

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  1. short and sweet interview....but why didnt you post a video link of the actual Q & A?


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