Wednesday, 15 August 2012

In search of the elusive morkali

A friend, whom I've known for about 9 years now, was telling me about this famous place in Bangalore that serves amazing morkali. And I was all drooling about it at work; Couldn't wait for the clock to strike 6 so I could get on the 201 and head to IndraNagar. He got delayed at work, so I spent the time getting a foot massage and shopping - yeah what else to do in Bangalore but SHOP!

When we did land at the place where used to be this famous shop, all we saw was Dominoes Pizza. HUH. Then some guy out there told us the restaurant had shifted to 12th Main Indranagar. Total facepalm moment, because that's where we started off from.

This place is the very famous Mouli's Annapoorani.

What I loved about the place was the quick service, but honestly, the morkali is not as amazing as it is claimed to be. It was dry and there was no spice at all. But I loved the fact that it was served with chinna vengaya vethakozhambu. Yum! (This place also serves pongal with vethakozhambu). There was no tempering in the coconut chutney, a big let down.

The roti combo (akki roti, ragi roti and one more) was decent. I've never liked ragi roti and this place is no different. Murugakeerai adai was okay. I know there are people who swear by this place and if you need good South Indian food, yes you can go here, but I'm sure your mom / wife / girl friend makes better food at home.

And, they have curd rice on the menu :D :D


  1. Can't beat home food...hotel's like these are for bachelors to enjoy some comfort food...famous is debatable, but i guess many folks enjoy a leisurely lunch here.

  2. At aunt's house they used to pick up food from Moulis quite often, and these guys have even catered for my cousin's engagement.. dint know they served morkazhi.. next time shall attack


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