Saturday, 18 August 2012

Meet the bakers - Deepakshi Raju

A business analyst at Intel by day and a baker by night (I'm not sure which one she enjoys the most :-P) - That's Deepakshi for you. Amidst her super busy schedule, I'm happy that she actually found time to write to me. :-)


D: Where do you showcase all your stuff? Is there a page or website?
DR: I post it in FB – Cake Cottage.. but have not really marketed it :-)

D: How long have you been baking for? Have you had formal training?
DR: My mom is the Master Baker at home. She trained me on the nuances of baking. I started baking about 7 months ago trying to get a “Thomas & Friends” inspired cake for my son’s second birthday and got seriously hooked!

D: What do you specialize in baking?
DR: No specialization yet… I love exploring and trying out new recipes.

D: How, do you think, as a home baker - the showcase and HBG is helping you?
DR: Its beyond what I had imagined. I never thought I would actually showcase my wares anywhere. This platform and the guild has helped me learn a lot and encouraged me to take this step.

D: Do you have some future plans in baking? May be opening a store?
DR: No plans for the long term future to make this my full time career… one never knows I guess :-)

D: Do you still work at Intel? If so, how do you find time for baking?
DR: Yes, I still work at Intel as a Business Analyst. I love my job and also thoroughly enjoy baking and cake decoration. It’s a hobby that finds me guzzling “Red Bull” at 2am to finish a cake for the next day :-)

D: What do you plan to bring to the showcase?
DR: Have not finalized my menu yet. But will be keeping it simple and hope all you enjoy it!

She's baking the next birthday cake for her son - a tall order from a little man - Spiderman, sitting on top of Lightening Mcqueen and incorporate Nemo (from “Finding Nemo”) in there somewhere!! Talk about challenging customers. This challenge, she would love to take up :-)

See you at the showcase! Good luck!

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