Sunday, 19 August 2012

Meet the Bakers - Sini

A mother to two lovely daughters, wife to a caring & supportive husband, a child of God, a chauffeur, a nurse, a musician and a baker for you - Ladies and Gentlemen - Meet Sini of Homemade Delite.


D: You started Homemade delite in 2008. How long have you been baking for? What was the catalyst that prompted you to start this as a business?
Sini: As the proverb says the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, my first baking experiment was on my would-be husband and the proverb turned to be true.  But I grew up in a family where my father, mother and sisters bake. I wouldn't be the baker I am if it wasn't for my baking substitution queen, Mrs.Waldock, the constant encouragement from the Frazier family, Swati and my supportive family. None of the cakes leave home without my family critiquing.

D: What is your specialty?
Sini: Right now ,Theme cakes

D: Where do you source your ingredients from?
Sini: For a simple cake everything locally and for decorating abroad.

D: What do you think is the most difficult cake you've ever baked?
Sini: The first try on anything new is generally difficult and it would not be an understatement that my first order was the most difficult attempt - it was an 8 kg chocolate cake and while decorating I had a panic attack and it was my husband who did the frosting for the cake and I just sat there and watched him.

D: How do you think HBG and the showcase helps you as a home baker?
Sini: HBG has become a platform for me to learn and share the trade and it does help when everyone talks the same language. This showcase I'm hoping will help the home bakers like me to give a good exposure and build up network.

D: What do you plan to bring to the showcase?
Sini: Homemade delite's goodies that'll delight everyone's taste buds! :-)

Can't wait to try your angry birds cake, Sini. I do hope you are bringing that to the showcase. Thank you so much for offering to bake something when I was down. I am so touched. :-) 

See you at the showcase and good luck! Cheers!

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