Saturday, 18 August 2012

Nungambakkam Round up - Veekes and Thomas + Sandys

When Sathish Kumar RS started a thread to check out OMG at Sandys, little did we realize it'd turn out to be such a wonderful evening. We decided to do an early sampling at Veekes and Thomas, Haddows Lane. Veekes and Thomas is chain of restaurants specializing in European cuisine. The Chennai Franchise is run by a 4th year Comp Sci Engineering student from Anna University - Vidhya Abirami Iyer. Her dad has been a big source of encouragement for her to venture into something like this. Her brother and SIL help manage this place.

The ambience is good; eco-friendly too!

Veekes and Thomas is absolute value for money. The broccoli cheese nuggets were delightful, crispy on the outside and soft and tender inside. I could see the green of the broccoli inside. The spaghetti summer salad was a little high on vinegar and a tad sour for my liking. The unordered bruschetta landed on the table; we almost sent it back, but then decided to give it a go. The tomatoes were well chopped. Other than that, this is not the best that I've had.

Finally, the much awaited dish arrived - the ratatouille. Everyone had different images in their heads, especially after watching the movie by the same name. I'd already eaten this dish in many other places and had a very specific image in my head. This was a let down. Too tomato-ey and the flavors weren't too right. It was almost as if we ate vegetables dipped in tomato sauce. It's usually served with herbed rice, but here the rice was plain. There were no other accompaniments to this.

The 4 dishes put together cost us INR 500. While this place IS value for money, the taste needs to go a few notches higher.

After all this, we went to Sandy's. Now, this needs no introduction. So let's get straight to what we ate. OK, we all ate spoonfuls of heaven. Totally orgasmic, I suppose that's why Sandy named it OMG? ;-) Priced at 1100, this is 2.2 kg of dessert lovers' delight.

6 (600ml) scoops of ice-cream - vanilla and chocolate, 300 ml of sauce - Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Caramel, 200 ml whipped cream, 3 cookies, 2 brownies and 1 tiny cake constitutes this bliss.

A dramatic entrance with fireworks is exactly how this one made its way to our table, with the entire Sandy's looking on curiously! 

An inside view of Sandy's kitchen. The Lavazza, combi oven, and the sous-chef in action!

Overall, a satisfied and calorific evening and gearing up for an hour's running tomorrow morning to burn off all these! :-)


  1. The photos say it all....the sad look on all your faces at Veekes and the humoungous hungry look as you stare at wasnt it OMFG? at Sandys....Give them time at Veekes..i am sure they would buck up...afterall the cook is the most important thing in a restaurant isnt he? The decor and all are next.
    Btw, you wanna the best ratatouile? You should meet my friend Remy...he does the Anatoile's, La Parie

  2. Veekees and Thomas is huuuge in Bangalore, and to be honest, pretty damn good :D. Am a reglar visit of the outlet in Kormangala. Being a Chennaiite, can't wait to try out the Chennai one!

  3. Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u

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