Saturday, 11 August 2012

Meet the bakers - Hamsini Appadurai

The Baker Showcase Bangalore is back with a bang and today we meet the pâtissière of Delices - Hamsini Appadurai. For some reason she reminded me of singer Hamsika (but the resemblance ends there, for Hamsini says she hasn't progressed beyond bathroom singing). A soft skills trainer, specializing in working with children, Hamsini is a lady of many talents.


D: Have you had formal training in baking? 
HA: I have never had any formal training,but seems like I have been baking for eons.I did work at the Taj for a couple of months in the Bakery and Confectionery as a Management trainee.My mom baked my first cake with me when I was 14 and I was hooked. Coming from a very orthodox South Indian family,they couldn't understand my passion for baking; hence I pursued a career in Corparate Management..Anytime I went to a store or traveled abroad,I would get tempted by the baking section. I couldn't get out of my addiction for baking. I would wait for occasions to bake ,be it for friends or relatives.I even dream of making delicacies, much to my husband's annoyance. My bedside table is always cluttered with recipe books and my Ipad is loaded with recipes and pictures.My company Delices - a Fine French Patisserie is 3 months old and I am like a mom,with her new born looking forward to each day with eagerness and excitement.

D. How do you think HBG and the showcase helps home bakers?
HA: I am quite excited to be a part of HBG. It really feels like I am finally home and there are other people like me ,who think of baking all the time.I feel I am with my own kind of people ,who understand my language.I also think the showcase is an opening to a whole new beginning.It gives you a gentle push forward. It's also a great place for sharing and building good rapports with like minded people.

D: Do you have a store or do you operate from home? If from home, do you plan to open a store some day?
HA: I do operate from home ,but I have a separate floor which is only for my Patisserie. I have plans to retail next year. I have started forming the recipe for that already.

D: What's your specialty?
HA: Flavours of Europe in Bangalore.

D. What's your theme for this showcase?
HA: Mainly French and Italian  delicacies. Something to satisfy everyone's palate - from French Pastries to egg-less delicacies to Health breads to Hors d'oeuvres .

D: A few words for those that are newbies to baking / taking this up as a profession?
HA: If you love what you are doing , you will end up doing what you love. I believe that if baking is your passion,and where your heart truly lies, then every positive energy in this Universe is going to drive that towards you. Happy Baking and do not forget to add a big dollop of love to all your recipes; the outcome is something spectacular.

Hamsini also helps her husband in the coffee plantation. Her evenings are spent with her 10-yr old daughter, who perhaps will soon take after her mother.The little girl spends all her free time in the pâtisserie This mother-daughter duo blend math and cakes very well.

See you soon at the showcase!

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