Thursday, 30 August 2012

Meet the bakers - Ankita Saxena Sinha

Mummalicious - now even the sound of it is so delicious and droolworthy, don't you think!

Meet Ankita of Mummalicious - vegan, sugar-free, egg-less, alcohol - you name it, it's available here.


D: Have you started retailing yet? Would you like to do that in future?
A: Not at the moment but Oh yes, I will retail in the next 2-3 years. I should have gotten the necessary skills by then.

D: How's HBG and the showcase helping you?
A: HBG has given me a platform for both sorting out problems by asking other fellow bakers and also an appreciative and cheering audience. Its tough to imagine how I would have progressed without HBG. Thanks again to Bala and Nanditha for this platform.

D: What's your specialty?
A: Cupcakes & decorations are my USP. Trust me when I say that I have started serious baking less than a year ago. (Now that's hard to believe, ain't it?)

D: Where do you source your ingredients from?
A: I generally get it from Bangalore and Delhi, especially the sprinklers, liners etc. The accessories and decorative stuff come from the US or the UK.

D: What do you plan to bring for us on 1st?
A: I am planning to bring cake, a few cupcakes (vegan cupcake, one hot surprise and at least 2 more varieties) cheesecakes & savories (cheese & bacon savories). With a 2-year old daughter most of my baking is accomplished only when she is sleeping, i.e. between 11pm and 6am. So starting from an ambitious plan of several things I am not yet sure how much I will be able to finally make.

When I asked her what exactly got her into baking, this is what Ankitha had to say - My journey onto cake decoration started with an incident I witnessed at 2nd birthday party of a dear friend's son. They had ordered a really beautiful and expensive farm themed fondant cake. While the cake was really beautiful and tasty the fondant covering was rubbery and weird in taste. So all guests were removing this fondant as if it was a wrapper and eating the cake. This started my quest for perfecting edible decorations – which are both delicious and beautiful.

Good luck Ankitha and see you on Saturday!

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