Friday, 1 June 2012

Crimson Chakra - Magic

Nikhil Moturi - Just wanted to take a moment to say a few things (all good) about Crimson Chakra. For the nth time, I ordered the Elaneer Souffle. Pray tell me what it is that makes me disregard all the exotic chocolate desserts on the menu ( I am such a chocolate fanatic) and go for this plain Jane. (I didn't click a picture of the souffle, because I was so intent on eating it. Could you perhaps please send me a pic, so I can post it here?)

Update at 3 pm: fellow twitter @smilinggambler ( graciously let me use his image here. Thanks Pravin

Like every other time, the dinner couldn't have been more perfect.

And I want to put in a  few good words here for Mohan, who serviced our table. Not only did he recognize me from my last visit, but ensured our order was perfectly timed and brought to the table. He was able to customize our order, as R and I haggled over what we liked best.  He's efficiency personified. I am amazed at how he doesn't write the order down, but remembers every customization and who ordered what !

These are the kind of people that make the dining experience more worthwhile.

A big Thanks from me and R, to Mohan and to Crimson.



  2. Very good writing Deeps..Am so marking this down in my India to-do list. Better,let's go there together :)


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