Saturday, 9 June 2012

Summer special - Kulfi

Who said summer ended in Chennai? The sun is on full action, even though the humidity has far reduced. And, it wouldn't hurt to dig into something sweet and chilled ;-)

I'd bought these small kulfi moulds from Currimbhoys, Adyar, a few months ago, and they were, for some reason, relegated to the back shelf. As I cleaned the kitchen a couple of months ago, I found them sitting there and had been deciding to put them to use ever since.

So, one evening when I was feeling pretty (oh yes, I feel pretty sometimes :-P), I just paddled around the kitchen - dumping about 3 cups of milk, 1 cup milkmaid, a few spoons of sugar (added later on, because I felt it wasn't sweet enough), some vanilla essence and coarsely pulsed nuts (pista, badam, cashew, pine nuts and whatever else was there in the tin of mixed nuts), and let it thicken on simmer. 45 minutes later, I let it cool, poured it into moulds, covered with foil and gently placed them in the freezer) and conveniently forgot about them. 

S always likes dessert after lunch / dinner and I remembered about the kulfis sitting in the freezer. What I didn't remember was the frequent power cuts ! I'd set the moulds out on the table for a couple of minutes, so I could remove them nicely (this being my first attempt and all). When I inserted the fork to pull the kulfi out, it was then I realized that the power cut had already melted it to an extent, so I could have removed it then and there. Still, I got the pieces out safe and sound.

Served it to S, who was curious as to how I got the liquid that was nicely served around the kulfi ! (haha.. with a sheepish smile, I had to explain the power cut phenomena). And R wanted me to get this to office DUH ! :P

And I got a thumbs up and a pass mark from S (and that's tantamount to vashistar vaayala brahmarishi :P).


  1. Keep cooking...All the best :)

    village girl

  2. Looks yummilicious.... the fondest memory of kulfi is from my childhood days when mom would let me pour the liquid into the little moulds, and pull em out of the freezer and serve to all :)


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