Thursday, 28 June 2012

Meet the bakers - Part 14

And that's one more baker right under my nose. Where were you girls all this while !

Meet the multi talented (oh yeah crochet, knitting, painting, sketching - is there anything that you do not do? :-)RoseAnne George, home maker, mother of two and proud owner of Oven180degrees


D: Looks like you've recently started baking? What got you into this?
RG: Grown up in a household with a baker mom and yummy cakes, was always focused on polishing the plate than baking. Ever since I took break from my software job (was with Infosys for over a decade) last year, my attention is on kids, home and hobbies. Baking slowly made way as I started experimenting and making cakes and chocolates for family and close friends. Inspiration came from those friendly souls who urged me to start taking this up more seriously and resulted in my just launched Oven180degrees home based bakeshop

D: What's your specialty? 
RG: I am a novice baker and happy baking every day cakes and bakes. I also make chocolate fudges. I try to experiment and bake cakes from around the world. Most recently I am smitten by the macaron bug.

D: What's your theme for the bake fest?
RG: Theme .. French connection.. (Now THAT is a theme ! :D)

D: Where do you source all your ingredients?
RG: Mostly local, specifically Waltax road. My sis and niece generously help me to bring equipments, food colouring, etc from US. Also I love to stock vanilla bean from Mattanchery, Kochi. Another place I love to pick up stuff is Institute of baking and cake art, Bangalore. (OK, an interesting option and I didn't know such an institute existed)

D. What's the one ingredient that you think is not available in India without which baking becomes so difficult?
RG: Yet to find one. I find most of the stuff available locally, but imported stuff is pricey. Would love to see more much stores selling quality baking supplies.

A happy baker mom with two very young tasters at home ready to pinpoint exactly what went right/wrong with her baking trials, I'm sure she's going to bring us some truly delightful bakes. Her classic walnut brownie recipe is to watch out for.

Signs off Rose, Baking is therapeutic for me. Makes me happy when I see children gorging on my cakes and ask for more. Hope to see many more happy faces.

Oh you sure have a happy face in me :D. See ya in less than 48 hours :-) 

And yes, I'll take you up on that offer and will drop by for a slice of cake :)

A common question to all you beautiful bakers - how do you all manage to look so pretty and gorgeous? 

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