Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The humble upma - Comfort food

As I started off from work, I read the last tweet from Raj Ganpath that said I am sure all of you are planning your dinner menu. What's on the workout platter? Wonder how he read my mind - I was delayed at work and the first thing on my mind was dinner plans. Should I order something, should I buy something on the way, perhaps make Maggi (R - I'm sure you are drooling at the mere mention of this word :D)

I had some left overs in the fridge, but I wanted to eat something tasty, spicy and something that doesn't require too much of an effort to cook.  Oh what I can say, but every time I think of the above options, upma is the only dish that appeals to me. 

I can eat upma plain without any side dish (provided it's made properly), or if I am a little too ambitious, I can pair it up with chutney, sambar, thokku, pickle or even potato curry ! 

Few things to be noted while making upma:

a. If possible, make it in the traditional iron kadai. That way you'll get the extra-dried and fried bits (kaandhal) that you can scrape off! (S loves this)
b. The ulutham paruppu (urad dal) and kadala paruppu (channa dal) are to be roasted nicely until golden brown. They should NEVER become black. 
c. Roast the rava (sooji) in the same oil as the onions, ginger, chillies and dal. There's no need to roast it separately.
d. Make sure you do not rub your eyes after chopping green chillies and ginger. (That's my trademark; rubbbing the eyes, that is)
e. Add enough hot water, to the roasted rava. How much is enough? Add water just until the rava is submerged. Not more not less.
f. Cook covered, for a few minutes.
g. Open the lid, and then cook on low heat for a few more minutes. 
h. Upma should be "non sticky" and "non-pasty". (As they say in tamil - பொல பொல னு இருக்கணும்)
i. Add a dash of lemon and garnish with coriander. 


a. You may add vegetables and make it a vegetable kichdi. Note: Kichdi in South India means vegetable upma, not the gujju dal kichdi.
b. You may add a little turmeric powder to make it look pretty.
c. Instead of onion / green chillies / ginger, add sugar and orange color to make rava kesari :P


  1. This looks so wonderful. Rava Upma isn't so seemingly easy to make actually..

  2. I love upma too... most fav is bombay rava, gothumai rava comes a slow 2nd :D

  3. am having it today! YUMMMY! People who do not like this dish are missing something surely in life.....(don't u agree?) ;)


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