Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Meet the bakers - Part 2

I'm super hungry after reading an email from Nanditha; So here I am, gorging on some left over penne pasta in basil sauce, topped with generous portions of olive oil and some herbs, and I wonder - do all men like "penne"? ;-) Technically, they should also be liking spaghetti (oh but that'll be on a penne - if you get what I mean? ;-)  - S - I'm so sorry; couldn't resist this one *grin*).

Alright, now that the tummy stopped grumbling, I am going to concentrate on the main theme of this post. Part 1 of this series talked about the bake fest and the man behind it. This post is going to talk about one, no make that two, of the leading ladies of the event. (Update when I was half way through this: I decided each baker should have their own post, they sure deserve it, so this one talks about Nanditha of Sugar Hut Fame)

I'd sent her a 3 line email on what I was looking for, and she sent me a 3 page response. :-) No wonder, such enthusiasm  has spilled over in managing and multi-tasking a rock band and a dessert band ;-). The rock band called No idea is her first baby (I have no idea why she named it no idea; perhaps she has some idea? May be not?). Sugar hut is the second baby and going by the kind of desserts she's been whipping up, I'm sure she's partial to the second one. She's also a darling of the press and you can read the articles on her Facebook page.


D: Why HBG?
NS: It is unfortunate that most don't have the kind of finances to open their own store. A shame really considering the mind blowing talent. While we all stick to authenticity and a whole lot of love  in our cooking, seems only fair we all get the same credit as those established restaurants, cafes and so on. There really is nothing better than home cooked food mainly owing to the amount of care and that personal kind of customization that comes only from those who really  want to please the people they care about. The thrill that comes from seeing the look on the face of someone when you have exceeded their expectations is just so rewarding.

D: Why the fest?
NS: It's not enough that we make and sell it, but the feedback is just as important. The reason KP and I decided to go all out on the Baker Showcase, with the help of Nikhil Moturi, is because of the number of bakers and dessert and baking enthusiasts who are now valued members of Home Bakers Guild. We never expected it to grow so fast. This made it easier for us to go ahead with this guns a blazing. The purpose of this is so each an every Baker gets the platform to sell their goodies and be judged solely on merit :). We have provided the platform and now it's about these beautiful talented women taking people's breath away. Not only do they get to show off their goodies to their heart's content but they also can ask for any help like about supplies and anything that will make their life a tad easier.

D: Advice to home bakers / participants in this event?
NS: What I would like those aspiring home bakers to know is that if you have the love for it, there is definitely a place for you in the food business in some form. :) It will be grueling but worth every minute you spend committed to it. I would say that The Sugar Hut is as successful as it is only because I aim to not only make something really delectable but also imprint in their minds a truly memorable experience. I think my fellow Home Bakers will agree :)

D: Your theme for the bake fest?
NS: The Sugar Hut will be introducing newer flavours like Lavender, Brownies and Cookies with brown butter, several kinds of cheesecakes, cupcakes draped in Salted Caramel,  Mojito Buttercream Cupcakes and so on. I'm looking to excite the taste buds with new flavours and combinations :)

OK, now I really can't wait for 30th. KP - Can't we do a sampling session earlier on? wink wink

Side note: KP: She did thank you profusely ;-)
Side note 2: She did thank me too, but I am just brushing it aside :) You are welcome :)

And ladies and gentlemen, that's Nanditha Sashidharan for you - Take a bow girl !

Psst: She looks as pretty in a saree, as in any other costume :) Loved you in the blue (or was that green?) saree ! 


Munch on....