Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Great Biriyani Cookout - Yay !

Finally, the day arrived and Dinesh was kind enough to pick me up so close to home. We made our way to Adyar Cafe Coffee Day, waiting to pick up the rest of the junta. (Carpooling it was). PG, Aswin, Sruti, Tasneem, Shivani and few more arrived, and we headed towards Lakshmi Farms on ECR. Nish had mentioned it was right after the toll and we would be able to see balloons. :P And we were looking out for the balloons and went up to Mayajaal. (Little did we know that the balloons arrived after us ! :P ) Dinesh - Thanks #1

Rajab Nisha was absolutely brilliant. She, with her tremendous experience, made this huge cookout seemingly so easy ! And not to mention Asma, who with her dazzling smile, was so delightful to watch in the make-shift kitchen. Thanks #2

The cookout started off with bread halwa, and Kamalika and I were already drooling. It was a bright and sunny day and the Arabian tent did serve the purpose to an extent, but Chennai heat at its full glory took its toll. RO iced water and soft drinks did little to ease the heat, but what did actually make us all feel better was the amazing food and the enthusiastic group. So, Thanks #3!

Bread halwa was followed by batter making for chicken and gobi 65. They were left to marinate, and we moved on to the baingan salan (aka ennai kathrikkai, baghara baingan, kathrikai thokku). Totally tempting (I did shudder at the amount of oil, but I guess it has to be made that way!)

This was followed by making the gravy for the biriyani. It is the base for all types of biriyani. It would later be split into 3 parts to accommodate veg, chicken and mutton varieties.

The sweetened rice was on the stove and whilst that was cooking, we took a break to rest our muddy feet and quench our parched throats.

That done, the veg biriyani got its opportunity to get cooked, followed by chicken and mutton. Meanwhile, on a stove, the gobi 65 started to fry, followed by chicken.

The group was impatient, and hunger pangs began to pass. I was worried if I would be able to do justice to this amazing cook out. We couldn't wait for the table to be set and that done, we dug in.

It was truly a delicious cookout, and I can't wait to try all this at home. (S - please note :P) I have the bread halwa and sweetened rice saved, and will be eaten with lunch tomorrow.

Rajab Nisha's tips were amazing, and I know a few people have diligently taken down detailed notes. Jaya: Please share :)

Jaya was the official translator, for people who couldn't see what was happening, and PG was the official kinder (mixer :P). Even Chef Rajab Nisha commented "avar karandi pudichu verum pose thanga kudukaraaru" :P

Oh, and thanks #4  to Nigar Sultana of Dawat-e-Biriyani for her silent support and being the associate sponsor of this event. She has graciously signed our certificates and has given each of us a 15% off voucher on all orders (valid for 3 months).

What a way to spend a Saturday. Truly memorable. Way to go Ali and Nish. Look forward to many more such cookouts and workshops. Thanks #5

and Lastly, Thanks #6 Aswin, for dropping me home, with a free tour of the city ! :P ;-)

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