Friday, 22 June 2012

Meet the bakers - Part 7

Flying mighty high on cakes is our very own pretty and charming Neha Gugaliya. What I loved about her cakes are the concept cakes so to speak. I couldn't pick a favorite, as I was telling her. Loved the Cindrella story, Louis Vuitton Purse and the football field (If only liverpool was featured on there, I'd have ordered it for S :-P)


D: Where do you source your ingredients from?
NG: I get them from walltax road, Passionate baking off late, and few of my moulds n cutters are from abroad..... where ever i find any awesome stuff relating to baking and even for chocolate bouquets i get them... Off late even my relatives and friends hunt gifts related to these!!!

D: What do you feel about this fest? How far, as a home baker, do you think it's going to help you?
NG: Very Happy to be a part of this show .. its a great initiative from Bala and Nanditha. It's been only an year and a half that High On Cakes is a part of my life, and I see a lot of home bakers who have been doing such great stuff for sooooo many years... for me it will be a lottttt (ok.. she actually stressed on the "lot" :P) of learning from this event... and this is surely gonna help me a lot...... 

D: Would you like to open a store soon?
NG: Yuppyyyy opening up a store is my dream, and in future u'll see HIGH ON CAKES store somewhere around Chennai!!

D: What does High on Cakes specialize in?
NG:  I do only egg less stuff.... None of my products have egg or any non-veg related items.... I do cakes, muffins, cookies, chocolates.... There are a lot of concept cakes, muffins and cookies that I'm doing off late and I'm really loving doing them..... My customers too love them:-) Apart from all these I also do Chocolate Bouquets , Chocolate sticks and Chocolate Trays... Now I'm trying my hands on Sugar craft flowers and wedding cakes!!!!

D: And your theme for the bake fest?
NG: There is no theme kind of thing, Gonna bring cakes, Flavored Muffins, Customized Cookies, Chocolate Bouquets and New variety of chocolate trays ... I'm veryyy happpyy to be a part of this event, its gonna be a gala evening meeting all expert bakers of the town , learning and having a happy fun loving evening :-)

I could totally imagine the smile on her face in each line of her email. I'm sure she was hyperventilating and she's sure verrrry happy to be a happy part of this happy event ! A happy go lucky girl ! :-)

Here's to opening High on Cakes soon in the city ! Cheers!

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