Monday, 25 June 2012

Meet the bakers - Part 10

As we near the showcase, I'm trying to meet all the bakers (of course, online). I can sense the nervousness, the thrill and the excitement of a mega event !

Today's episode will feature Rashmee Gopalan of Snow Frosting. (Where do you girls come up with these awesome names. Each one is brilliant and unique in its own right!!) A Masters in Food Science from WCC, well what can one expect, other than the best ! :-)


D: Has baking always been your passion? 
RG: I have been baking for close to 4 years now, although very recently commercially. I’ve enjoyed baking for friends and family immensely. Snow frosting was started in august 2011.A lot of people liked what I baked and encouraged me to take it up professionally.

D: Where do you source your ingredients from?
RG: I pick up a lot of stuff abroad. I have it picked up by family and friends. Cake accessories are extremely tough to find. Cupcake liners ,toppers, sprinkles, gel colouring, edible markers, extracts etc are always sourced from other countries, mainly USA. In Chennai, I pick up a lot of stuff from passionate baking ,anna nagar. A lot of care is going into sourcing imported stuff these days. Places like Gormei Market and Amma Naana do stock up on imported stuff but they are expensive. For bulk supplies I go to walltax road.

D: What plans do you have for Snow Frosting?
RG: To continue getting customers through word of mouth as of now. Maybe publicize a little more from next year and eventually a retail outlet/restaurant!

D: What's your theme for the bake fest?
RG: Its going to be mostly chocolate based with imported chocolates! I'm trying cupcakes with filled centers to offer more in each bite! Mini cheesecakes and toffee shortbread will also be on sale.

D: What's the most difficult cake that you've ever baked?
RG: I haven’t found any cake too tough to bake but getting the cake exactly the way I want it to has been a result of a number of trials/attempts and errors.

What's more yummier here? The cup cakes or the lady herself? ;-) 

With the support of family and 2 beautiful kids who are a great source of encouragement, we can expect nothing short of amazing from Rashmee. Oh and she also writes food columns for a magazine called ParentCircle.

Watch out for this chica at the Bake Fest on the 30th ! 


  1. hey i was waiting for this write up! this afternoon i was just checking this blog out for your interview Rash... and here it is now! so happy for you! you look fab in the pic just like your cupcakes...wish you all the best dear & oh yes the blogger is doing an excellent job covering the event too!

    1. Fazul, Thank you for the encouragement. :) I have passed on this message to Rashmee too !


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