Friday, 15 June 2012

Meet the bakers - Part 3

I'm still basking in the glory of my previous post on The ழ cafe touching over 225 hits in under 24 hours. That's my biggest till date. And now it's time to surpass that, what say people?

Presenting on today's "Meet the baker" - Linu Paul.

First off, Congratulations Linu - her online store opens today ! (So, I am just in time to congratulate her for the new addition to her website - and she has Rich Plum Cake, Rich Fruit Cake and Diamond cuts on sale)

When I told her I saw her website, and over and above that I had a few questions for her, she was thankful I'd taken the time to see her website, because not many people realize the effort and time it takes to maintain a website, especially when you plan an online store.


D: What's special about your baking?
LP: I believe in healthy baking like for e.g. incorporating veggies and fruits that kids refuse to have otherwise like banana, apples, carrots, pumpkins and beetroots, yes you heard me right beets! (People - did you get that - beetroots ! :) )

D: Oh ! Healthy baking ! :)
LP: Yes, What I would love my audience to realize is that I dont use any kind of shortening or preservatives like cake gel in my products...its all healthy....another reason I am not too fond of fondant... (All you health conscious sweet toothies - you know where to go for your cakes now)

D: Where do you source your ingredients from?
LP: I source my ingredients from Nuts & Spices and the bakeware from Passionate Baking and Walltax Road.

D: What's your theme for this fest?
LP: For the event I was planning to bake some rich plum cakes(the plums would be soaked in brandy), banana walnut loaves, some muffins and some cookies. So I guess it is definitely a banana theme! (Go Bananas ! )

Linu started to cook post marriage, and she says she graduated to baking. But going by what she's creating, I think she's a PhD.

Take a bow Linu. The field is yours on 30th. Good luck for a great show ! 

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