Monday, 14 May 2012

Masterchef Australia.... back and I can't wait for India telecast. It's crazy to be following it on the website, because by the time they telecast here, I would have known the results.

This is by far the best cookery show, there's lots of authentic cooking, judging, drama and even penalizing a contestant for not abiding by the house rules. The judges are calm, encouraging and smiling, and sometimes even help the contestants by providing valuable tips.

George, Gary and Matt set the example for being the best judges I have ever seen on a cookery show. They have not only raised the bar for the contestants every time, they have also raised the bar for every judge.

On the contrary, with due respect to Gordon Ramsey, Masterchef USA is too much drama, highly predictable, and loaded with more cuss words than food. And I'd be wasting precious space here if I even mentioned Masterchef India.

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