Sunday, 20 May 2012

Hormones, Chocolates and Some Hugs

Thanks Sridevi for this fridge magnet. Every time I feel low, I look at this, open the fridge, eat a piece of Lindt (Thanks S, I still have the Lindt) or Hershey's Kisses (Thanks R, Yes I still have these). And today, I ate a piece of Lindt. I want to eat another, but I need to keep this in stock until S buys me more.

The days when your hormones simply can't handle themselves are those days that you crave for a little nice word, a warm hug and chocolates. (And surely, that nice little word and a hug will also produce a barrage of tears. As S says, dam opened ! :-P )

I still remember, Shanky used to take me to Anokhee, at Chamiers, for the spicy hot chocolate, with extra cinnamon and chocolate, when I was low.

And who cares about calories when it's chocolates and feeling good.

I always wonder what it is about chocolate that makes us girls feel so kicked about. A chocolate can even give you an orgasm - who needs a boy friend? (Er.. Well... not always... :-P)

Chocolates apparently increase levels of something called serotonin in the brain. This serotonin controls most of the cells in the brain, and is responsible for all things related to mood swings, sexual desire and all that.

A chocolate-y Sunday it is !

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  1. omg! I feel like indulging in some Belgian choco mousse.....aaah! K is looking at me with that NO written all over! My bad.....loud thinking while commenting!


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