Friday, 25 May 2012

IPL and Kuzhi Paniyaram

Weekend begins, and begins brilliantly, with CSK posting the highest total :) Shanky and Santoshi had invited us over to their house. Also, Karthik wanted to shop for his girl friend and I'd promised to take him to Style One, stone's throw from Shanky's apartment.

I was super thirsty and Santoshi promptly produced a glass of chilled juice. I hate watermelon and without realizing I'd gulped down the entire glass. As an after thought, I'd asked her if it was watermelon :D Too late, but the juice was inviting ! And Shreyas, their year old little one, was a major source of entertainment. 

We all settled down to watch the match and Shanky has set it up beautifully - a projector projects (DUH obviously) the game on the wall - what a way to watch CSK thrash DD all over Chepauk. The garma garam kuzhi paniyarams making their way with yummy coconut chutney, and Shreyas settling down on my lap for bites of paniyarams, it was a Friday evening worth every minute. We finished off the innings (pun intended) with store-bought dark chocolate ice cream.

Santoshi's paniyaram recipe - Add finely chopped onions and green chillies to dosai maavu. Add few drops of oil to each hole and pour the batter in the paniyaram pan. Cook covered for a few minutes, use a fork to turn them over to the other side. Cook for a few minutes. Remove from pan, and serve hot with coconut chutney. 

PS: As I finish this post, CSK win by a massive 86 runs and move into the IPL finals for the 4th time.

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