Monday, 21 May 2012

Crimson Chakra - Encore

First off, there are no pictures to this post, as I was more intent on eating and having fun. This post is an after thought. :)

The whole gang was meeting after ages and catching up for dinner was the best option. Ever since we decided it would be dinner, I was chanting "Crimson", "Crimson". Couple of them from the group had been there only last month and wanted to check out some other place. But yay, Crimson prevails.

We were given an entire corner to ourselves, with what 7 adults and 2 little ones in the group. There was no need to look at the menu card as I knew what I wanted. Glancing at the menu was a mere formality. All of us love Crimson and we quickly decided what we wanted.

The courses were well paced, the staff unobtrusive and quiet. We had plenty time to feed the babies, take them for a walk, click a few pictures and gossip around.

The little ones were just interested in the cooler rack that housed the soft drinks. Colorful and cool that it was, they just wanted to be near it and rub their cheeks against the cool glass :) It was a cute sight.

The soup was perfect and so was the lasagne. The kaikari urundai and nachos were yum. I couldn't wait to finish my main course so I could lay my hands on the elaneer souffle. I swear by this one dessert. After chocolate desserts, the next favorite is this. (S, you would love this. And Nikhil, Thanks for making this on-the-house)

It's unusual that little ones enjoy an atmosphere like this, and towards the end of the dinner, one kid became sleepy and restless, broke a pepper vial and had some in her eyes too. She was wailing away to glory; and the efficient staff was sensible enough to switch off the fan and clean up the pepper. Her mom and dad took her out, while K settled the bill because we all blessed him (that he would enjoy his singledom and wouldn't get married anytime soon).

A yummy end to a Sunday and satisfied souls and tummies all around. :-)


  1. Oi!! Give me proper credits.. Adhu enna "K"?? :-P

  2. Ava unna bad wordsaa la thitti ta :D

  3. Next time in Chennai am gonna visit this place and check out.. Counting on you Deeps :)


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