Sunday, 30 September 2012

Peaches - Peachy ! :)

It was an impromptu lunch with a friend, and I'd wanted to try Peaches. After their famous "Who is Peaches" advert and having seen the menu already online, I was intrigued by their spread, especially the somaras ;-).  (After Aswin's performance yesterday, I was in no mindset to take my camera to lunch.)

I called in for reservations and was very politely told that they aren't expecting much crowd and there was no need for me to reserve. Boy, were they wrong! (And at that, they need to master the art of crowd management)

Directions: Peaches is on the 100-ft bye pass road, opposite Rose Ceramics, above Andhra Bank. If you come in from Velachery Main Road, this is to your left. 

I was terribly hungry (just had Priya's cup cake for breakfast :P) and ordered the French onion soup. You do not need to by 2 a soup here. Portions are not big. The soup was hot, hearty and cheesy. A good amount of bread was dunked in. I did find that some onions were crisp in parts; I'd always thought that the idea of the onion soup was to caramelize the onions and let them sweat, so I wonder how the onions turned crisp! The friend ordered a cream of peas soup - was neither creamy nor chunky. It was a smooth broth which started to get grainy towards the end! (Scope for improvement? That's the Masterchef AU in me talking)

The bruschetta platter was on the starters and it won hands down. Soft, fresh bread with liberal dosage of cheese and vegetables, just melts in the mouth. This is a must try.

I'd wanted the Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls, sadly it wasn't available. So I ordered the spaghetti veg balls. I'd asked them to make it in white sauce as I am not too fond of the red sauce. I counted exactly 2.675 veg balls of which the .675 ball was mashed into the pasta. The pasta itself resembled a soggy semiya upma, over cooked in a very garlicky sauce.

The friend ordered the Paneer Tikka Burrito. 2 thick burritos filled with achari paneer (they usually serve hariyali paneer but you can customize) and some biriyani kind of rice made its way to the table. I sampled a bite, definitely good, but tends to get soggy after a few minutes. And then perhaps you can eat it like a chapati and sabzi :P. And what was that onion tomato on the side? Salsa? :P

We skipped the dessert as I was too sleepy. I hardly got any sleep last night (with the CFG anniversary fever running high), so the friend decided to order some coffee. And it took forever for the filter coffee to reach the table. Did they go to some plantation to pick fresh coffee beans, I wonder aloud!

Service was slow, which I really loved, but after a point it got to me. There was just one person taking orders, and the staff did seem efficient but not enough for the Sunday afternoon crowd.

This place has the potential; the staff are courteous, ambience is simple and excellent; music is pleasing! (One of the owners who was around in an orange kurta had this permanent scowl on his face - smile please, you'd perhaps look more handsome :-) ) - if only they can iron out these small things; This place is already a crowd puller!

And the bill for all the above (2 soups, 1 starter and 2 mains) totaled up to INR 700 odd.

PS: They do home delivery too :D :D 

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