Thursday, 6 September 2012

Delivered Diet - Pind, Velachery

*Title courtesy - Bharani Shivakumar**

Update at 8:08 pm

This is more or less a live blog post. I was completely exhausted after judging the food fest event yesterday and decided to give a day off to my kitchen tonight.

I was juggling between Pind, Petawrap and Mast Kalandar. I have tried Mast K a million times earlier on and wanted something different; food that wouldn't cost as much in delivery charges.

All I wanted to do was put my feet up and flick between channels on television. Funny People starring Adam Sandler is on now. I'd switch to MasterChef Australia in an hour.

So as usual, I looked up to my fellow foodies on CFG, to suggest what I can do for dinner and as usual comments poured. I looked through the menu of Pind, and decided to order tawa ghee phulkas and diwani handi (with less tomato).

I placed a call to Pind at 7:45 pm and the lady who picked the phone took my order. She said it'd take 45 mins to deliver. And I say - so that would be 8:30 pm? She says - no ma'am , 8:45 and I say, then it would be 1 hour! She started laughing and said ma'am we'll deliver between 830 - 845. Talk of Indian Standard Time! She almost hung up when she realized she hadn't taken my address or phone number! All that done, I now wait for the food to be delivered.

Update at 8:15 pm - Another 30 mins to go!

Update at 8:30 pm - No sign of the food, Just as I typed this, ding dong. Food arrives! Yay!

Update at 8:35 pm - The food has arrived well packed and hot. The gentleman who brought it to the door was quite pleasant that I couldn't resist tipping him. And it's now time to taste!

Update at 8:50 pm - Dinner done; Hands washed; (Sorry Bharani, had to do that before I updated the post :P) Phulkas were perfect, with that perfect amount of ghee. The portion of the sabzi would perhaps serve 2 - 3 people. So I have enough stock left over for next 2 days. (I could have asked if they served half portions) Not too spicy, not too tomato-ey, not too mushy - just the way I like it. The sabzi had mushrooms, corn, carrot, beans, peas, paneer, bell pepper, onions and tomatoes. Pickled onions and mint yoghurt completed the side. At INR 220, and free home delivery, PIND delivers!

And now, it's time for MasterChef Australia. Enjoy the evening!


  1. Pind?new outlet....I m so waiting to come back n try the place

    1. Yeah ! Near Vijayanagar signal, free home delivery, no minimum order :)

  2. edhu..konjam five star rating to food...and just showing us the pics....btw that handi looks try it soon...enjoy your masterchef....Ms.MasterChef

  3. Nice, have been hearing good reviews of this place and was telling a friend about it... wonder if they deliver all the way here... :/

    happpy bday once again

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