Thursday, 20 September 2012

Molagu Rasam.... For the Soul !

Oh well, I am a vegetarian, hence a slight modification from "Chicken soup for the soul" ;-) Two weeks of no online activity and I realized that I need to do this more often; Of course, discounting the falling sick part.

Abstinence from internet made me do things that I normally wouldn't - like crying buckets after watching 3 idiots, watching Jhalak Dhiklaja on Colors Channel, falling in love again with Madhuri Dixit, hating Rani Mukherji (Oh she sucks in Aiyaa), and listening in loop to Halkat Jawani (starring Kareena Kapoor) and Phir Le Aaya Dil (male version from the movie Barfee - Ileana is funny in the saree costume - S - did you see that :-) ?).

I finished 3 books in a span of 10 days, The Rozabal Line, The Krishna Key (both by Ashwin Sanghi) and Why my third husband will be a dog (by Lisa Scottoline - absolute ROFL book) and have started the 4th one - Hot Water (PG Wodehouse)

I also realized, during the course of the last 2 weeks, that very few people care (and many wouldn't bother if you were dead and perhaps even be glad about it). Some people want to only take and never give. Most people don't bother to help (even if you ask for it, as I was discussing with Tasneem Aunty this evening). People who claimed to be friends-till-the-end-of-life didn't so much as bother to even return calls (and who knows, it might have been an emergency). Spring cleaning is what I needed, although it came at a price.

I cooked sparingly in the last few days, and never shot a single picture or wrote a single blog.

So, why does this post appear in a food blog? It has to, because this is food for the soul. To enjoy the simple pleasures of life, talk to "real" people, be genuine and honest and find happiness in the soul is what life is all about.

As I say a big thank you to genuine love, I also bid adieu to the weeds and worms inside my tummy and outside!

Cheers (with a big tumbler of molagu rasam)! :-)

And, I began to believe in dhrushti! :P Here's to removing all the kolli kannu ;-) :P

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  1. Kolli Kannu photo is nice...but on a related note...did you ever think of the possibility that people who left you alone might have had a reason to do so too? something like giving you space...allowing you to spring clean your cobwebs of the soul without ringing your doorbell every few minutes...thats how i think...i give people the benefit of the doubt...i believe most people are basically good...and shit happens despite them...due to circumstances/fate/god or whatever...well, now that you have got it all out of your system...emotional detoxed...i hope that we will see your usual swinging self again


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