Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Dieter's Delight - Pesarattu

Having actually hogged and cheated on the diet over the weekend (well, can't really help it when you are part of an event that showcases amazingly exotic desserts), today is back to track with the diet.

On Dieter's delight tonight is pesarattu, an Andhra delicacy. (A variation of this is called MLA pesarattu, which is served with upma stuffed in the center. This apparently is / was served in the MLA hostel in Andhra Pradesh)

Here's how this is made:

Wash and soak green gram overnight. (as I typed this, I realized that my clothes are in the washing machine, waiting to be hung on the clothes line. so be back in a few minutes)

Right, I am back, after having neatly lined up the clothes on the line.

Grind the soaked gram, along with ginger, green chili, a little bit of raw rice, lots of coriander and mint, into a fine paste - along the consistency of dosai maavu. Add some salt, and the batter is ready.

Make pesarattu the same way a dosa is made. Can be served with any chutney or sambhar. This is best had with tomato thokku  (I couldn't use onion today, the day being angarika chathurthi (the sankata hara chathurthi that falls on a Tuesday - oh yes I made kozhukattai ), so I made coconut chutney - the coconut chutney part is NOT dieter's delight)

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  1. ah!!! home food for me....my mom makes the same....


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