Sunday, 30 September 2012

And that's how the night unfolded - 8 years of CFG

Having been planning this for over 2 months, when the D-Day arrived, we were all a bundle of nerves. Tickets were sold out, everything was organized, volunteers knew what they had to do - yet we knew confusion might reign!

And the girls were planning what to wear. Now, for the men, it was simple - jeans / trousers, shirt. For the women, the choices were plenty. Dresses, salwar suits, sarees and what not! I decided to wear a black dress my friend had got for me. Unfortunately, it was a few sizes too large and it sat in the closet without seeing the light of the day. And when it did, it saw the most wonderful evening ever. (Big thanks to Tasneem Aunty for altering this dress to fit me).

We assembled at the Town Hall, Residency Towers at 4 pm to set everything up. From unpacking the bags, putting the gifts into these bags, arranging them to setting the tables we were running hither tither that we forgot it was past 5 pm and we needed to get ready. As we ran (well.. ok.. we used the elevator) to the 11th floor, girls gossip abounded in room #1115. Right from make up to shoes to ordering room service and checking out the mini bar (sadly there was nothing inside) (and ahem.. I am not making the rest of it public) - it was almost as if we were in a wedding.

Dressed to Kill - literally - the girls were radiant in their sarees and suits and dresses. The men looked equally handsome in the formal attire (why, oh why don't you men wear formals more often!)

It was the 3000th day of CFG and the guests of honor included the who-is-who of the food industry - Chef Mahadevan, Chef Soundararajan, Chef Praveen Anand, Chef Pushparaj and Mr Ravi  (Namma Veedu Vasantha Bhavan). Actor Nakul made a brief blink and miss appearance as he had to run back to his shoot.

As the event unfolded with a brief history of CFG and a quiz program (courtesy Kamalika), it was Aswin's performance that had the audience in splits. Absolutely delightful, as he poked fun of everyone in the venue and outside (I'm not saying who.. wait for the video), Aswin - you stole the show and the evening and everyone's hearts. Salute!

Preethika and Tasneem (Akbari) did a great job hosting the event and a special thanks to all the volunteers for pitching in and helping with all that was required.

What was most important was that it didn't feel like an event, but more like a family function - I'm sure Ali will agree with me here. And with this, I wish CFG many more years of success!

Ali ji - next event - you know where :)

(PS: We all headed to Bikes and Barrels for a quick shot, after which I had to leave. Rest of you, ride / drive safe)

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