Thursday, 31 January 2013

Meet the Bakers - Ayeesha Riaz

As the Showcase nears, here's a post from the pearl city, Tuticorin!

A little tête-à-tête with Ayeesha:

D: Pearl CDC?
A: Yeah, I hail from Tuticorin. Hence the name Pearl and CDC denotes cakes, desserts and cookies :)

D: So how did baking happen?
A: I got married right after graduation (BE EEE) and moved to UK. That's where the culinary journey began. Along with the basic cooking like rice and curries, I also had some interest towards baking.  I always enjoyed the cooking shows in UK, watching Celebrity Chef's, the way they cook, mix, using different kitchen gadgets, their techniques just wowed me.  That's how my interest towards baking started.  As long as I lived in UK I didn't try to make that a business, it was always for friends and family.  I have also baked for charity.

D: There are some amazing photographs on your blog!
A: Taste Of Pearl City is my own blog in which I blog about food, food, food so it's about food only.  I started that blog only for my passion for cooking, which opened up so many new windows for me like food photography and now this home baking too.

D: What is your favorite when it comes to cakes?
A: If there is any special occasion,  Chocolate fudge cake is a must there, it's nothing but moist chocolate cake layered with rich chocolate cream and topped with ganache.  With tea, it's always been carrot cake.  My husband's favourite would be Cappuccino Slices.  Something which I liked the most from my baked goodies would be Japanese Cotton Cheesecake and I always love the smell of freshly baked bread especially when it has garlic and cinnamon.  Oh My! That aroma is magical.

D: Your thoughts on HBG?
A:  I have to say it's a great platform for bakers with a wealth of thoughts and ideas.  I always enjoyed the discussion in HBG, like the doubts they get in baking or how to deal with the customers. Simple conversations like these would help beginners in home baking.  HBG has created a space and a recognition for home bakers.  I'm glad to be part of this lovely group.

Watch out for Ayeesha's specials only at the Baker Showcase!

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