Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Great Baker Showcase - Season 3 - Chennai - Grand Finale

The day was here, the day that we were all eagerly awaiting to lay our hands on the amazing goodies that we hitherto only drooled over at the pictures the bakers posted on the showcase page on Facebook.

The venue was a fine choice - the huge auditorium at the Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School, Anderson Road, Egmore. The event oganized by The Home Bakers Guild, co-sponsored by Crimson Chakra, Gormei Market and Passionate Baking not to mention the Asan Memorial College of Arts and Science, was a huge hit once again.

14 talented bakers played to their key strengths and displayed an array of cakes and savories and the customers were spoilt for choice. Keeping up with the tradition, the first baker sold out in an hour. Karthika Shravanti of Bakeman Begins was the first one to sell out and she had plenty time to go around the stalls and indulge. Slowly the rest of the bakers were also selling out. The biriyani and fish pickle brought by Tasneem Aunty sold out in under 15 minutes. And Sara and Girija Menon were not to be left behind. The citrus drizzle cake and the other items from the Soul Food Sisters vanished in no time. I was pure lucky to get my hands on the choicest pieces!

Ayeesha and Divya Ninan followed suit and sold out. Gazeenasulu also cleared her table along with Meghana Karthik and Veena Sakthi. Priya, Nanditha, Yalini and Suzie had hardly a few pieces remaining.

Bakers - Take a bow - You surpass yourselves every time and set a new standard!!

The venue would have seen over a 1000 people drop by to fill their bags :)

This event was a total sell out and part of proceeds go to charity. And I am extremely proud to have been associated with this event right from day 1.

I also had the opportunity to meet and interact with Zenobia Currimbhoy and Dr. Richa Agrawal - Asst Professor - Marketing, IIT Madras. As I went around, I met Rashmee, Anusha, Linu, Sangeetha, Ayesha (Ma Baker) and a load of other bakers who have now become good friends!

This event would not have been successful without the effort of all the volunteers - who put up posters all over town, who helped the bakers set up the table and running around asking if anyone needed help and help pack the bags. There's one special volunteer that I would like to mention here - 8 year old Nayonika. She's Rashmi Ramakrishnan's daughter, the ever-smiling and ever-helpful little darling. Nayonika blogs at - Do check out her blog and her amazing photographs!

KP Balakumar - Do take a bow - you have done it again! Look forward to the next one.:)

Please look up my Facebook Page - for the rest of the pics!


  1. I went to this event today :) I will write a post on it by tomorrow (mostly). It's a nice concept, home bakers coming together and showcasing their talents. Maybe they can rent and set up a shop somewhere together?

    Destination Infinity

    1. I was there only! Could have met up :)

    2. BTW setting up shop means registration and loads of govt stuff!

  2. Yayyy :) Thanks Deepa for the nice write up and pics :) :)

    1. Was a pleasure meeting you darling! Great work there :D

  3. This is a very nice concept.We have the chance to taste everything and then choose the one which we like. I missed out the 2 earlier showcases but was there for the Barter Sunday organised earlier. Felt good to meet all the baker friends in person. But due to a very busy time, not able to chat up with bakers as well as others. A very good experience!

    1. Oh oh! Too bad I couldn't meet you :( Sometimes it's so difficult to note :( But yes this is a great experience and I am glad you didn't miss it!

  4. Great write up... and absolutely true.. my maiden showcase, and I am hooked already... an awesome start to my weekend...:)

  5. A great event to look up to; every single time... I missed it though :(
    Will have to make it next time for sure.. But enjoyed yummy home baked chocolate cake from HBG this Saturday :D



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