Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Pizza Republic - Thumbs up

Even after all the PR for PR on CFG (er.. I meant, after all the PR for Pizza Republic on Chennai Food Guide), it remained elusive to me. I'd called to place an order on 31st, but they were short staffed. And Tasneem Aunty's post this morning made me crave again. And what do I see? A voucher for INR 50 from Go Grab in my mailbox. That's it. The fate is sealed. It's a sign from the universe. \m/

So here I am, drooling and ordering a veg supreme 9" (yes yes - all this goes in my daily tracker). Minimum order value for home delivery, if you order via gograb is INR 200.

This is my order summary. Since I had to use the voucher, I had to order for at least INR 250 to qualify for the home delivery, hence the olive toppings and extra cheese ;-) ;-) (No no.. really...)

This one pizza will have ~1000 calories. (minus the thin crust)

As it takes 1 hour for home delivery, I placed the order at 6 15 pm, hoping the delivery will be by 715 pm.

Finally, I thought I was going to get my pizza tonight. But that would not seem to be the case. Go Grab gave me a call and said I cannot have extra olives. Also thin crust and extra cheese is not a combination - *tears hair apart and almost gives up*. So I am now getting my pizza with no thin crust and no extra olives and 45 rupees refunded to my account. 

After a few minutes, go grab calls again - OK now what? - I need my pizzaaaa. I am getting my extra olives but no thin crust. Fine - Get the pizza! That's now 20 rupees back to the account. 

So the final order is - Veg 9" supreme, extra olives, extra cheese, extra spicy. Why is there no thin crust and extra cheese combination? Beats me! 

After 1 hour and 25 minutes, the pizza finally arrives. The bearer of the pizza announces that he'd forgotten his cell phone at the restaurant, and he sort of remembered the address! Should I be happy or what? :-)

The pizza arrived packed neatly in the typical green box that I had hitherto seen only on CFG Wall. 

I was hungry to say the least, and the tantalizing aroma did nothing to ease the pangs. As I opened the box, I saw a rich pizza decked in peppers, onions, paneer, olives and jalapenos. The pizza was veiled in ivory colored cheese that trailed like a bride's train as you separate the pizza slices. 

The crust was (was there a crust?) was super soft as I sank my teeth into this cheese filled delight, closed my eyes and let out an audible sigh. And I was jolted to reality. Where is the spice? I was sure I'd asked for extra spice (and it was marked on the order sheet too). The first two slices were gobbled as if I'd never seen pizza in my life time. Then the spice hit my taste buds. The third and fourth slices were spicy, especially if, like me, you eat the peppers, paneer, peel the cheese off the pizza and eat that and then finally eat what's left :-D. Towards the end, I also detected a strong flavor of garlic. (Couldn't finish the entire lot, 2 slices are saved for tomorrow - breakfast perhaps! )

Note: There were a few charred edges, and I mean, really charred but that's just a minor defect amidst all the brilliance - Almost like a dhrishti pottu! 

Pizza Republic Taramani is on CSIR Road, Next to Ascendas, Taramani. Ph - 044-22541720

Pizza Republic has recently opened a branch in Mogappair.

A big big thumbs up! The jinx is broken! Life looks up! Praise the Lord! 


  1. Now that makes me hungry! :P - Jenz

  2. I told you!!! Take the 25 Roobes. :D Super-0-Super.

  3. I want to go to there! :) great review Deepa.


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