Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Meet the Bakers - Cheshta Malik

The next episode of Meet the Bakers features Choco-lately yours - Cheshta Malik. Well, that's how she signs off her emails :) I had the opportunity to meet this warm and vivacious baker over a food walk last weekend!

In conversation with Cheshta Malik

D: Sweet Story?
C: The Sweet Story was born out of our passion n love for food by the bonfire on a holiday. We started in December 2012.. So we're fairly young. Travel follows closely behind food in our list of passions in life. On our journeys we love to experiment with food and get our hands on exotic ingredients. To be able to use these ingredients and present our versions of various foods to the world was also one of the pushes for the sweet story's birth! ;)

D: What do you specialize in?
C: We specialize in hand crafted customized gourmet chocolates,flavored and filled. Themed chocolates with toppers is our USP! Our menu also includes desserts, cupcakes n a few savory goodies. We love to dabble in untried waters, hence you'll find some quirky but nonetheless delicious combinations on our menu.

D: You did a soft launch at Pizza Republic sometime last month.
C: Oh yes! The launch itself was a great opportunity where we got amazing response from CFGians and PR walk-in customers. Orders started coming in n we had our hands full over Christmas.

D: You went on air with RJ Sano. How was the experience?
C: Though I was a little concerned since there was no briefing about the show, it actually turned about to be exciting and a lot of fun as it allowed me to speak naturally and just enjoy the whole experience.

D: How has HBG and the showcase helped you with the sweet story?
C: HBG has been absolutely great - an inspiration, a place to learn and connect with others in the trade. It totally rocks!

D: A hotelier for a husband. What does it feel like, especially with your baking? ;-) (Abhijit works with Hilton and I had the opportunity to meet him as well! )
C: He is my full-time taster, my sound board, my motivation and my strength. :-)

D: And how about the little one? How do you manage the baking?
C: My son is now two years old and the hardest part about the job is to keep his hands off the goodies! Though it sometimes is a challenge to work, but I manage to find my way around, working when he's sleeping or keeping him occupied otherwise when I'm busy.

Am ex-banker, a MBA in HR and Marketing, Cheshta also writes about food and travel for travel magazines. She enjoys cooking, eating, painting and loves anything creative. 

Come and be a part of the sweet story, at the baker showcase, on Feb 2, 2013. See below for a small sample on what you can expect at the showcase!

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