Saturday, 23 February 2013

Bellaria Ice creams

When you have an insanely stressful week and more so because of some phone calls and 3 hours at the bank, what you need are some great stress busters in the form of ice creams or cakes. Both my girls - Yalini and Avanthi offered to help beat my stress. Avanthi runs a cute little ice cream store called Bellaria and Yalini runs The Sweet' 'Art.

I was in the vicinity of Bellaria and made a spur of the moment decision to take up Avanthi on her offer. Avanthi is certified in ice-cream making. Bellaria's menu is highly customizable, right from the milk and sugar to the flavors and toppings and are made right in front of your eyes. The ice cream machines are imported and you can see how a simple blended liquid transforms into lip-smacking scoops.

As I waited for her to arrive, a family of 4 including a little girl were ordering their ice creams. And she was so enthralled that she carried the bowl with her to the car and was licking away to glory. It was a cute sight to see her face smeared with chocolate. (It was funny when one member of this family ordered a sugar free gulab jamun ice cream! :P )

I ordered a regular white chocolate ice-cream and Avanthi suggested a small modification. She added 2 spoons of orange juice while making the white chocolate to tone down the milky flavor of white chocolate. I asked for chocolate sauce over it but then she suggested I try it first before the topping. Boy, how right she was. The ice-cream had a mild undertone of orange and left me wanting for more. I just topped it with some dark choc chips and almond slivers. I paid INR 136 for this bowl of 3 scoops + toppings

Avanthi is also introducing some vegetable flavored ice-creams and I had the privilege of trying one. Carrots cooked in orange juice and then made into ice-creams. Loved the texture and the taste. It almost felt like gajar halwa except this is much more healthier. Avanthi is toying with various other vegetables and if you have suggestions, do post it as a comment here or on Bellaria's page.

It's no coincidence that stressed spelt backwards leads to desserts and that's the tag line of Bellaria.

Next stop - The Sweet' 'Art

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  1. Mouth watering pictures. Nice review. Keep it up.


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