Monday, 17 December 2012

The week that was...

..was an incredibly mad week. 4 dinners, 2 lunches, a spa session, client presentations and amidst all this, I found time to read a bit! Oh yes, all this was during a busy work week!

Dinner one was on Tuesday at Tasneem Aunty's house, with my gang of girls, where I got to flaunt my short skirt without being worried what anyone'd think ;-) The menu was exhaustive - , corn tempura, biriyani, jeera rice, coconut rice, poori, channa, dal, quban ka meetha, kajur - sigh! The food was as delicious as the conversations!

Dinner two was on Wednesday - well that's more of high-tea, at Tuscana's new menu launch, followed by some awesome icecream at Bellaria (right next to Park Sheraton) and of course, pulling Bharani's leg with the hot latino chick. (wink wink)

Dinner three on Thursday was with my super duper bestie girl friend to catch up on a lot of things (I'm not saying what they are). This was at Eco Cafe Chamiers - 2 spicy hot chocolate, 2 veg sandwich, 1 carrot cake and 1 bottled water at INR 850. (not to mention a huge haul of books at flat 50% discount)

Lunch one was at work, with my clients, on Friday. The food was packed and delivered from Fortune Palms, OMR. Very mediocre lunch - maida roti, corn and palak sabzi, paneer butter masala (and the paneer was beyond biting), dal, jeera rice and moong dal halwa.

Dinner four was at my fav couple - Sindhu and Sathish's house, on Friday. This was super long in coming, but when it did come, it was amazing. Ragda patties, Grilled Mushrooms, Paneer Tikka, Chapati, Baingan Sabzi, Amrut Ki Sabzi, Biriyani, Raita and carrot halwa. This was followed by Sathish's special - thums up + vanilla ice cream. Interspersed with some brilliant conversation, we ended the evening at 11 pm with some mint flavored green tea.

Lunch two was at Kalyan Nagar Association, at the Iyappa Poojai of my childhood buddy Shanky's dad. I was already stuffed with all that I have mentioned above, but who can resist an authentic tambrahm elai virundhu - sambhar, rasam, beans curry, vaazhakkai curry, aviyal, chakkara pongal, paal payasam, vadai, appalam & pachidi!

Rounded this all up with breakfast at ID - dosai, vadai and kasi halwa on Sunday morning. NEP was very mediocre, but hey the food made up for it! :)

And now, it's time to pull my socks and hit the treadmill with a vengeance! :)

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