Friday, 21 December 2012

Cake Saga - French Loaf

Did I say I was a good girl and curbed my sweet craving? I am on a sugar high today, all credit to the CFG Showcase at the French Loaf, Harrington Road, covering their Christmas special :)

It was a very warm and Christmas-y ambiance - Christmas Trees, Plum Cakes, Friends; All that was missing was some snow flakes and carols.

The table was lined up with various goodies that are going to be part of French Loaf's Christmas Special. For the next one week, these choicest goodies will be available at their counters.

Ashwini (PR - And I mean Public Relations, Oriental Cuisines) and Swapnil (Marketing, French Loaf)  offered KK and me some hot chocolate, as we waited for the rest of the folks to turn up.

Chef Boopesh explained the various items on the table, starting from the cherry fruit cake, cherry fruit cake in a cup, plum cake and going on to even elaborate on how the photos are printed on the cakes.

Sometime in August, every year, they start sourcing the ingredients for the plum cake - raisins, berries and the likes. That's the time you get the fresh and top quality ingredients. These are sourced from Chennai and Bangalore. This is then soaked in whiskey, rum and brandy for 45 days. Then, on an auspicious day, the cake mixing happens. Oh, the plum cakes were egg-less :-)

As I moved through various cakes and chocolates on the table, the one thing that caught my attention was the mince pie. Now, mince normally would indicate meat. In this case, this is a mince of the rum-whiskey-brandy soaked raisins, sauteed in some butter and brown sugar and brought to a jammy consistency. It's then filled into pies and baked. This is my pick for the season. Totally loved the texture and the flavor.

There are celebrations cakes and assorted celebration cookies and chocolates, packed into tall tins. Christmas greeting cards on chocolates is a treat to the eyes. There was also a CD cover chocolate slab :)

The chocolate truffle was amazing. Stollen Bread was a little dry, but Chef explains that's how it's supposed to be. I was too happy munching on white chocolate coated almonds and chocolatey butterscotch :)

So what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest French Loaf and enjoy a sugar rush!

Merry Christmas!

Drool more at the pictures below


  1. Thanks for the lovely blog post! I must say, those are some fantastic pictures of our goodies at The French Loaf :-)

    Thanks for coming!

    Best regards,
    Swapnil Midha
    The French Loaf

  2. Thank you so much... i didnt have the knowledge in this now i get an idea about this.. thks a lot:-)

    Chennai Cakes


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