Friday, 12 October 2012

Meet the Bakers - Sai J Rajeev

Bharani - no the syllabus is not complete, not yet ! :)

Psst: This post goes in the old format, as Sai's goodies get eaten before even she could take some pictures :D ;-)

Sai is a professional tennis player turned full time baker, who once did forget to add flour to her cup cakes. Of course they did rise because of the baking soda, but popped into oblivion when you touched them. :-)  Having always been interested in cooking and baking, she would devour all the cooking shows on TV although she had never entered the kitchen until recently.

Read on!

D: Baking?
SJR: I have been dabbling in baking for a few years now but the idea to actually try and sell to people only germinated in 2010 and that, of course is a whole different ball game For the last year, I have been taking orders and am really enjoying it.

D: Specialties?
SJR: Well, I’d like to think that my signature dishes are my Chewy Fudgy Double Chocolate Brownie and my quiches.

D: How has HBG and the showcase helped you?
SJR: I think HBG itself is such a brilliant idea. Getting to meet or chat with so many other people that are doing pretty much the same thing you are doing is great. Also the fact that at the tap of a button you can get advice on baking is nice. The Showcase too is a fab idea and such a great way to advertise your stuff.

D: Where do you source your ingredients from?
SJR: Well, usually from Walltax Road, Nilgiris or Amma Naana. Of course, there are times when I buy stuff when I travel abroad too.

D: Future plans? 
SJR: My dream has always been to have a small, rustic sort of cafe of my own here in Chennai

Signs off Sai, Food has, in recent times, become one of my passions in life and baking something and watching your friends and loved ones wolfing them down is an absolute delight and makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Good luck for the showcase! See ya tomorrow! :-)

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