Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Meet the Bakers - Ekta Anand Surana

The count down begins. 4 more days to go for the much awaited Baker Showcase. And here I am, juggling quite a few things, including a run to the passport office!

As we all think we do a lot of work and there's no time, here's one girl who has done so much and continues to do more. You amaze me every second.

Her kids think she's a super mum and her kids' friends think that if she opens a bakery, it would be 8 star (one more than a 7 star). And I think, Ekta, you are a super-girl. I bow to thee. I almost have this dialog running in my head "jahampana tussi great ho!" :D

Read on to see what all Ekta does, besides looking pretty! :)

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