Saturday, 6 October 2012

Girls, Gossip, Dinner - CC on KNK

After a very successful gossip session at Rajdhani, EA, earlier this week, the girls decided to have some more fun. And a dinner marked the beginning. (Oh, there are many more to come; Shall be revealed when the time is right)

Many of them had not been to the KNK branch of Crimson Chakra, so decided to head out there after checking out the By Hand, From the Heart sale at Isphani Center. (I couldn't make it to the sale)

Kamalika and Preethika had to drop out but the rest of us decided to go ahead. Aarti, Tasneem Aunty, Jenny and Nigar (And yes, this group, including KK and Gans, is called Drama Queens :P)

Jenny had never tasted the famous elaneer souffle and her main intention on this trip dinner was to eat that.

OK, so here goes the order (and we confused ourselves and the waiter)

a. Curried Mushroom and Corn Sacks (and we thought it was a gravy! :O )
b. Fried Baby Corn in curry leaf batter
c. One Potato salad that came with some huge banana flower leaf (vaazhapoo)
d. Mushroom soup (by 2) (Nikhil / Naveen  - where is the tortilla soup that's available in the Adyar outlet? :O)
e.Smoked rice (Aswin Rao - everyone was talking about you when ordering this; am sure you'd have porai erified so much today)
f. panneer paranthas
g. lasagne
h. cheese stuffed ratatouille basilica (!? and this came super cold - so had to send it back to be re-heated)
i. elaneer souffle (by the boat loads)

Now, what can I say. Everything was perfect - food, service, ambiance! Except for that slight problem with the basilica thing and a pretty sour salad, every other dish was CC trademark. The potato salad had sour cream but it did feel a tad too tangy!

After a hearty meal and a decent bill, we walked out with a heavy tummy and some heavy bags with loads of tomatoes (courtesy Tasneem Aunty). Now I am looking for tomato recipes! Anyone?

And Naveen - Thank you. We had a great time and I hope you have a fun vacation in Colombo!

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